LostAlone Interview!

LostAlone2014promophotoThrashHits-450x270LostAlone have long been championed by their peers in the music biz, and the press, being hailed as “in their own league” by Kerrang! as well as numerous fantastic reviews from other publications, some even citing them as the next Queen.

It’s safe to say that LostAlone haven’t been shy the last few years. Since creeping gently into the scene in 2005, and releasing their first album in 2007, LostAlone have toured with the likes of My Chemical Romance and Evanescence, and earned considerable respect from them in the process.

Currently embarking on a UK tour, we caught up with Steven Battelle (Vocals) to chat concepts, instrumentation and fans.

HTS: Hello Steven! Let’s talk about concepts. The concept of space has come up in several instances, from a past band name, to your song and album titles. Is there is a real love there or is it just coincidence?

I guess I have a fascination with the unknown and space is an extreme case of the unexplored. I do feel that this album is grounded in more clarity, I love a good metaphor but feel I’ve written lyrics here that communicate with more precision.

HTS: For those newly listening to your band, did the past change of personnel make a big difference in how you approached the music?

Changing bass player after our first album only really effected the attitude of the band, it became (and remains) three guys with one clear goal and voice. Musically the only real effect was that Alan loves to sing and our previous guy didn’t.

HTS: You guys seem keen on social media use. Is being close with your fans something you schedule into your days, beyond the announced Q and A times or is it on the fly?

I love to write music, listen to music, talk about music and play music. What I love about something like Twitter is the direct contact with people who enjoy what I’ve written. We don’t tend to schedule stuff, we’re just constantly on it! Haha.

 HTS: Your recent album was crowd funded. Was that due to personal preference, a sort of DIY sensibility, or because of need to get it out there, and sort out the rest after?

It was so that we could afford the producer we wanted and so that we could have complete control. It’s definitely something I would do again, the results have been fantastic!

HTS: This album has moved distinctly in terms of the sound and the lyrics, compared to your previous ones. Where did this originate, and what do you hope the fans take from it?

I find this the hardest question to answer. As the writer I don’t really hear a big leap in sound or lyrics, it’s just my next set of songs. I do feel it’s the most complete LostAlone record, what I hear in my hear finally realised on the recording.

 HTS: In the past, you’ve opened for some of the biggest music acts in the world. What lessons did that teach you, personally and as a band?

I think we really honed ourselves as a live band by being thrown into arenas at such an early age in the band. Amazing experience and something we’d love to do a lot more of.

 HTS: You’ve just come off a tour of the UK. What next, in terms of touring or is too soon to tell? Who would you like to see on stage with you?

This has been our favourite headline tour ever, the intensity of the audience has been a real thrill to experience night after night. We’ll be announcing a European tour soon and also hope to tour the UK again this year.

HTS: How many of the songs will have videos, and where do you get inspiration for locations?

Not sure how many, we did talk about all of them having videos at one point. I know we’ll be making at least one more. Location wise we try to explore the songs themes and find a place that visually represents them

HTS: There is a highly customized guitar in the mix now. What other pieces of equipment are you using that are new, and what sorts of other pieces do you think are essential to your sound?

Yes that guitar is specifically for the son Crusaders and it really is a one off! I think the main thing that defines our sound is the three people playing the instruments, if someone else picked up my guitar and played through my gear it wouldn’t sound like us, you know? Same goes for drums and bass.

 HTS: Do you have any kind of message you want to pass along to the existing fans or the newcomers?

I hope they all enjoy the record that we have made, we’re very proud of it. Thanks for all the positivity that they send our way!

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