LIVE: The Last Carnival @ London Barfly 23/7/14 ★★★★☆

The Moon & The Tide






We arrive at the Barfly in anticipation of a night of fresh young talent and new stand-out tunes. And our expectations were met.

First up on tonight’s bill is singer-songwriter Sally Pepper, who has a superb voice and an edge to match. What has the potential to be a slightly boring acoustic guitar set is actually full of energy, and Sally’s constant crowd interaction and joking around make her set comedic as well as musically faultless. The unique blend of pop-rock, with a brilliant cover of Fall Out Boy thrown in, is a promising start to the night.

If you want to see something different then get yourself down to a The Moon & The Tide show. Pianos? Check. Harmonicas? Of course. Although a relatively new band you can see this six piece are made for performing, they make the stage their own and their folky/indie sound with powerful guitars and drums create a real joyful sound. If you manage to last their entire set without smiling like a mad idiot then you’re doing something extremely wrong. Catch them at the end of August at Proud Camden!

Think You Me At Six merged with Deaf Havana and a sprinkling of good old upbeat pop punk and you have The Afterparty perfectly. They are energetic, enthusiastic and play to the teen audience perfectly with the signature Matty Mullins style stage presence. The Afterparty aren’t bringing anything revolutionary or unique to the music scene, but what they do provide is an extremely good time with cracking guitars and a level of energy that suits their name to a tee.

If headliners The Last Carnival could bottle and sell confidence they’d be richer than Bill Gates. The fact they played new songs mostly unknown to the crowd was entirely irrelevant, their stage presence is unrivaled by any band and more than keeps unwavering attention. The band describe themselves as ‘new breed rock n’ roll’ and this is certainly what they are, their sound is a blend of both old and new and often makes you feel as if you’ve been transported back to 60s America. The Last Carnival have perfected a flawless live performance, and this is the start of a long career for the incredible five piece.