LIVE: New City Kings @ Sheffield Corporation 16/9/14 ★★★☆☆



New City Kings are embarking on an ambitious headline tour throughout the UK, and what better place to put on a show than Sheffield’s #1 rock venue? Corporation boasts some of the best shows you’ll find in the North of England, not to mention a slammin’ club night 4 nights a week.

The stage is set in Corp’s “little room” for the gig, and the turn-out is good. As the unlikely-looking lads take to the stage, they set the tone for the evening’s proceedings: technically good, but slightly lacklustre performance. What can only be described as a “nice voice” emanates from the frontman (who is reminiscent of Groot with a guitar), who exudes a quiet confidence, shall we say. Is he cultivating a mystique? We’ll never know. 2/10 for effort on the smiling front.

Despite this, their fans sing along loyally, even eliciting some “woos” especially when they broke out a tiny Journey-esque riff. A short thank you for being here speech comes and goes, where they exult their goals to double the crowd the next time they come to Sheffield. You heard ’em!

An acoustic interlude gives everyone in the room a chance to hear their vocal and instrumental skills (duh), before breaking into new song “All I Have”. 

Musically talented? Yes. Memorable? Not so much.