LIVE: Mike Dignam @ Ruby Lounge Manchester 27/07/2014 ★★★★☆

With what seemed like an endless queue of teenage girls who have been won over by Mike Dignam‘s Northern charms, the last night of his Sing With Me tour in Manchester.

First to grace the stage was Circe, a relatively new singer who won a competition to open for the Manchester date, she really had the the homecrowd behind her in her hypnotising, yet short set. Her Ellie Goulding style vocals were like pure pop heaven that went hand in hand with her choice of covers, including a Lady Gaga number and an original song.

Now the main support act is a fellow Lab Records artist, Natasha North, who was extremely popular with the concert goers. The singer/songwriter was full of folk gems filled with stories of love, inspiration and having no idea what to do in life; sounds like most of us then. With her catchy melodies and her incredible energy, she really got the party started and eagerly anticipating Mike’s set.

The screams for Mike Dignam can only be compared to a Hollywood superstar; not a singer/songwriter from Preston on the cusp of making his big break into the music world. Having scored recent fans through him supporting 5 Seconds of Summer on their UK & Australia tour earlier this year, there was never a point where there wasn’t a screaming fan.

From the word go, the crowd was in the palm of his hand!

With such a great mix of rock music, there was nothing to not enjoy about this set filled with hidden gems of unexpected twist and turns (and even a little sprinkle of reggae!). It really felt like a gig that will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience; Mike won’t be playing small gigs like this anymore with the sheer brilliance and talent he has and it’s great to see people see that.

Sing With Me really brought the Manchester crowd to life along with the beautiful and extremely popular, Sweetheart, it really showed off Mike’s vocals and his musical talent. This guy is really going places and is definitely someone that is going to be making a huge impression on the rock singer/songwriter genre.

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