LIVE: Enter Shikari @ Hatfield Forum 26/6/14 ★★★★☆


Fresh from recording their fourth album, Enter Shikari played a one off show in Hatfield with support from Baby Godzilla. The St. Albans four piece held nothing back and even debuted a new song!



Baby-GodzillaNow Baby Godzilla may seem like an unusual choice to support Shikari, but as soon as they threw themselves on stage it was clear to see why they were there. Before they even began their first song what seemed like the entire crowd in this tiny venue opened up into one huge moshpit, which quickly erupted into complete carnage when they actually started playing.

The band have classed themselves as part of the “general extreme noise” genre, and they were right! From piercing screams, pirate-like noises, heavy riffs and a ‘I’m going to just hit guitars to make any random sound’ attitude this band were not to be ignored. Frontman Matt Reynolds seemed to spend the majority of the set either in the mosh pit, climbing on lighting fixtures and on top of the bar – he was even being carried by a sea of fans as though he was their Messiah!

Baby Godzilla certainly warmed up the crowd and left them sweaty and energised – and in some cases shoeless and bloody!

entershikari2012After a good 45 minute wait, Enter Shikari graced the crowd with their presence and opened with ‘Enter Shikari’ which had everyone chanting “and still we will be here, standing like statues”. As this was the first time they had opened with this song since 2008 the crowd were instantly delighted by the fact they were playing the older songs usually not on the bill.

Between songs from the band’s last album ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’, drummer Rob Rolfe plodded to the front of the stage wearing a child’s pink backpack under the alias of ‘Safety Simon’, there to remind the crowd to stay safe. Needless to say this banter was welcomed with opened arms as everyone started to chant “Safety Simon” whenever they could.

Lead singer Rou, sporting a smart orange shirt backed up the throwback hope by asking the crowd “do you like the first album?” which obviously got the best reaction possible before shooting ‘Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour’ into the ear drums of anyone in or around the building.

There was a clear hope from the gig-goers that night that the four piece were going to debut a new song, and they were not disappointed! The track ‘Anaesthetist’ opened with drums and a dub background and a chorus that had everyone singing along after one listen. If this is anything to go by, the band’s forthcoming album will definitely be one to watch.

A Shikari gig would not be a Shikari gig without ‘Juggernauts’, and the 2,250 capacity venue managed to up the energy level even further to have even the more mature fans at the back jumping and singing along – even if it was very embarrassing to witness.

The band ‘ended’ (we all know bands come back acting surprised with a few more songs) with ‘Constellations’. This had lighters in the air, people on shoulders and everyone singing so loud even Rou had to take a minute to bask in the glorious gig moment.  ‘Surprisingly’, the boys came back on stage to the crowd once again chanting ‘Safety Simon’ and actually ended their set with ‘Zzzonked’ – the best choice of song to end this high energy, one off show.

If you missed this gig and wanted to hear ‘Anaesthetist’ check out the video below!