LIVE: Decade @ Swindon Level 3 ★★★☆☆

Level 3Decade

Swindon isn’t exactly the place you’d imagine such bands as Decade to be playing, but after successful shows being put on such as Gnarwolves and Verses this year, it’s now the Bath outfits turn to shine in sunny Swindon today. Playing a run of headline shows is always a good way to warm up for an upcoming support slot, especially if you’re supporting We Are The Ocean.

WGFirst up is local support With Ghosts, last time we caught the band they played a good set but still looked to be growing into a live band, lets hope they’ve tweaked things to make for a more cohesive set. As the four piece kick in to their set the half filled room has all eyes on them, they sound tight, well rehearsed but look far too serious. The opening songs sound similar to the likes of Verses but there’s a lack of movement or even a smile from the band which essentially makes the set lack any energy. Have they learnt their lesson about filling the silence in between songs and taking too long to tune? Unfortunately not. It’s actually worse than last time with less banter and crowd interaction which really is a shame from a band who have a good collective of songs to their name and receive a warm response at the end of their allotted time.

HVHey Vanity rock up on stage and without any introduction inject some well needed pace and urgency into proceedings and whip the ever growing crowd into a frenzy right from the get-go of their set. As we gaze across the room we notice more and more of tonights attendees getting sucked into the infectious vortex that is Hey Vanity. The band are all smiles and playful banter and also seem genuinely thankful for everyone who turned out tonight to come down early and catch their set. The songs are upbeat and catchy as hell, in the likes of ‘Worldy Possesions’ from their latest effort Blindfolds. The set is an all round success as they draw in new fans and play a fantastic show with cuts of soaring rock tunes.

LYUBirminghams Light You Up are clearly up for tonight from the off as frontman Tom Napier climbs and clambers on top of the stages barrier/railing almost immediately. The ever moving vocalist visibly pushes himself to his limits vocally as his passion is brutally on show for all to see here tonight. The bands musical chops and prowess keep your attention fixated on the stage, until the frontman goes walkabouts. He performs one song on the ledge that adorns the upstairs section of the venue and spices up tonight by throwing in a slight element of danger to proceedings. The band are onto a winner here and have brought good times and a party vibe to Swindon that once again lifts the mood in here tonight.

DecadeHowever Decade will not want to outdone here, right from the off its obvious to see why they’ve gotten onto such high profile tours and shows such as recently touring with Lower Than Atlantis, Mayday Parade and festivals such as Slam Dunk. With an arsenal of memorable tunes and good onstage banter they’ve clearly used what downtime they’ve had to turn themselves into a confident and self assured live band. The middle floor section of Level 3 is rammed with bouncing kids, long time fans and new adorners uniting to be the best crowd of the tour. They play the majority of Good Luck tonight and tracks like ‘I Don’t Care’ kick things up a notch with its high tempo opening and undeniably infectious chorus that raise the noise levels above and beyond expectation. Clearly taken back by the reaction they’re receiving they take time out of the set to thank promoter Kieran J Moore of Sheer Music for putting the show together. ‘British Weather’ gets the best reaction of the night and ends the gig on a high note. Decade proving why they’ve chosen to play such intimate and remote venues on this tour as they will no doubt be moving onto bigger and better things come 2015.