LIVE: DEAD @ Nightmare Festival ★★★★☆

DEAD! @ Nightmare Festival - All photos property of Hit The Scene
DEAD! @ Nightmare Festival – All photos property of Hit The Scene

Nightmare Festival, the scary older sister of Camden Rocks Festival boasts even more fantastic live acts than its predecessor, in venues all across Camden, in short bursts of 30 minute sets guaranteed to shock (in a good way).

The setting of today’s set is the
Barfly; a dark and somewhat dingy venue, wallpapered with musical nostalgia, and has played host to some of rock’s finest acts. And it’s about to welcome another to the fold.

DEAD are perfect for this festival. After performing acoustically outside Camden tube station earlier in the day to fascinated revellers, they’re back to their roots (dirty rock stages, obviously). DEAD take the stage, showing off enough lights to turn anyone epileptic, and launch into their well-rehearsed set, including fan fave Beautiful Broken Bones. As always, it’s an energetic and heartfelt performance from frontman Mountford, and this may actually be the best live sound we’ve heard from them (and we’ve seen them A LOT.)

“This song is about a film called ‘Into the Wild’ and it made me cry, so we wrote a song about it”; Mountford surmises, signalling the beginning of gorgeous track Alaska. 

Later on in the set comes an impromptu performance of the Macarena on the front row of the audience during Phantom. Well it does have the same beat, we suppose…

A crowd invasion at the end serves as a reminder that DEAD are still fantastic live, and still have a lot to offer, if only they would write new material(!) On top of that, their hair game is strong too. Good job.

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