Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!) gets her own ‘AOL original’ show


Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! is to have her own video series titled So Much More. The series will be an “AOL Original” and you can watch the trailer at the bottom of this post.

Laura Jane Grace is no stranger to publicity, having been the leader singer and vocalist of punk band Against Me! (which began as a solo endeavor) since 1997. Like many young people, Grace was attracted to the punk scene due to its measures against authority, but also as a coping mechanism when drugs and alcohol did not do enough to ward off depression. In Grace’s case, it was brought on by gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder is currently classified as a mental disorder, although many transgendered people and researchers would like this medical designation to be reclassified, pointing out that including it in the mental disorders category only supports the concept that individuals with gender dysphoria are pathological, homogenizes the human gender spectrum to one that is primarily binary, and reinforces the stigma against transgendered persons.

Born Tom Gabel, Grace has been married twice, the second marriage beginning in 2007 to Heather Hannoura. Grace’s choice to begin transitioning was made public in 2012, and she decided on a name combination of the one her mother had chosen for a daughter, along with her mother’s maiden name. When she now speaks of her relationship with Heather, it is encouraging to hear her insist that her wife has been very supportive of her transition. The two live separately, but are still close.

Laura Jane began performing under her new name in 2012 as well, and Against Me! released their album Transgender Dysphoria Blues in January of this year, to critical acclaim and monumental fan enthusiasm. Now, Grace is taking the topic of being transgendered, and her journey, one step further. As part of AOL’s online ‘Originals’ series, Grace is bringing her own story, entitled “So Much More”. The program follows Grace as she visits various locations on the TDB tour, and highlights her interactions with fans, including clips of the fans speaking about how Laura Jane, and her story, has personally affected their own lives. As yet, it is unknown when the show will make its premier on AOL or how many episodes will be involved, but it is certainly a step forward for the transgender community.