Kids In Glass Houses – Peace ★★★★☆

Kids-In-Glass-Houses-Peace-300x300After what feels like  a lifetime, the Cardiff boys are back with their highly-anticipated fourth album; ‘Peace’. This album is going to put Kids in Glass Houses on the map (mark our words!), a turning point in their already prosperous existence.

With Enter Shikari and Young Guns producer, Dan Weller, by their side for the record, ‘Peace’ was actually made possible by the support of their fans through the Pledgemusic fund-raising scheme.

Full of catchy, guitar-slamming songs, vocalist Aled Phillips takes us on an unforgettable journey of magnificent highs and lows, which is lyrically refreshing and much more vulnerable than their previous records.

From the heartbreakingly relatable ‘Novacaine’ , to the awesome anthem ‘V-I-People’ ( a real beauty of a tune), this record is a treat for the ears. Imagine Fall Out Boy’s anthemic attitude but with a British feel.

Opening track ‘Peace’ screams in your face with pure Kids in Glass Houses attitude. A highly addictive headrush of rock music that we can’t wait to hear live.

Another belter is the more electro track, ‘Set My Body Free’, a catchy dance tune which gets stuck in your head for all the right reasons.  A definite candidate for their next single.

This album really packs a punch, even the slower songs like ‘Up All Night’ is bursting to the seams with incredible, awe-inspiring energy; literally showcasing the bands magical ability to make even the slower numbers into addictive, fresh and bouncing party-feel anthems.

Now stand out tracks by a million miles are the headbanging ‘Peace’ and the most lyrically honest guitar belting ballad ‘Storm Chaser’, which really brings a different side to the band’s repertoire. Like seriously, the more you listen to it, the deeper and more vivid the emotions of the song gets (and the more awesomely epic it sounds); this is the slow song that you never thought would have you hooked; the dark horse of the album.

Fans who love the classic sound of Kids in Glass Houses are in for a real treat with ‘The Runaways’; with the kickass vocals of Aled cascading over the bountiful sound of their familiar signature style, it’s just a stunning cracker of a track that will feel like home to their supporters.

This album is just amazeballs-tastically epic; the fans’ money has really gone towards a musical triumph for the Welsh boys, it’s guaranteed there will be some very happy fans when this bad boy of a record comes out on sale.

‘Peace’ is out September 30th