Jimmy Eat World 10th Anniversary Damage Album


This year will see Jimmy Eat World ‘Futures’ turn ten years old.

Their fifth studio album was released on 19th October 2004 and included hit singles such as ‘Pain’ and ‘Work’ closely followed by ‘Futures’.

Property of Zacks interview with the bands guitarist Tom Linton was recently published in an Australian newspaper.

“Though Linton seems continually thankful that the foursome has remained intact for so long, the momentum of the band seems to be such that moving forward is much more important than celebrating the past.”

The band is soon to be touring Australia at the end of this month as part of the Soundwave Festival line-up.

However, Jimmy Eat World hasn’t visited their British fans since the Damage album tour, and even then they only gave us three dates to brutally fight over in a fastest-finger-wins type scenario. Queuing in the public world is one thing but queuing on the internet is a whole new level of frustration.

Yet there is a glimmer of light at the end of this dark and silent tunnel, as the boys have stated on the tenth anniversary that: ‘we are going to do something special for it.’

This could mean a world tour, or it could mean going to McDonalds and ordering a Big Mac. Either way, here at HTS, we’re pretty excited.