Jettblack – Black Gold ★★★☆☆

jettblackGlam rockers Jettblack like to do things differently. Unlike a conventional release, the High Wycombe lads have released a compilation album featuring “hard to find, unreleased & re-worked material”. The 13 track collection begins with a revised version of title track ‘Black Gold’ (a track from their previous album), where singer/guitarist Will Stapleton’s gravelly thick vocals carry the song into new depths of hard rock ballad magic. There’s no shortage of special guests on the album, including Ian Paice of Deep Purple on track ‘Feel The Love’, a heart-racing sure-to-be classic, and Damon Johnson of Black Star riders on the title track. Awesome.

As well as this, there are covers of three hard rock anthems (originally recorded by Motorhead, Heart & AC/DC), sensationally executed in Jettblack’s own signature steamroller style.

Brand new track  ‘Red Horizon’ (acoustic) is hauntingly beautiful, and rings bells of GNR. Our anticipation to hear the full version on their next album is excruciating!

Differing in style to 2012’s dominating ‘Raining Rock’, ‘Black Gold’ does justice not only to the covers, but to Jettblack themselves, securing their place in the hard rock hierarchy for (we hope) years to come. Our only qualm? We wanted more new tracks!

Will Stapleton says of the collection; “we’re very happy to have a lot of our bonus material finally released on a physical format, but we didn’t want this album to be all about the past – which is why we recorded the three new tracks. We loved working on the Heart & Motorhead covers, but it was especially satisfying to get a version of ‘Red Horizon’ down on tape. We’ve had this song since the ‘Raining Rock’ album, and you’ll hear the full version on JB studio album number three – the version here is acoustic, but I think it shows what a big song for us this will be…”

Check out the tracklisting below;

1) ‘Black Gold’ (feat. Damon Johnson) – new edited version.

2) ‘Feel The Love’ (feat. Ian Paice of Deep Purple) – from the ‘Raining Rock’ sessions, previously digital only.

3) ‘Weapon’ – from the ‘Raining Rock’ sessions.

4) ‘Fade Away’ – from the ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ sessions.

5) ‘Let Me Put My Love Into You’ (AC/DC cover) – previously only available on a cover-mounted CD.

6) ‘Red Horizon’ (acoustic) – previously unreleased.

7) ‘Barracuda’ (Heart cover) – previously unreleased.

8) ‘Name In Vain’ (Motorhead cover) – previously unreleased.

9) ‘War Between Us’ (acoustic) – previously digital only.

10) ‘Not Even Love’ (acoustic) – previously digital only.

11) ‘Sunshine’ (acoustic) – previously digital only.

12) ‘Prison Of Love’ (acoustic) – previously digital only.

13) ‘Black Gold’ – full album version.


On the live front, Jettblack have 2 dates lined up for September, check them out below

07.09.13   NOTTINGHAM – Macmillian Fest

20.09.13    BROMSGROVE – Rock & Circus


‘Black Gold’ is out NOW on Spinefarm Records


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