INTERVIEW: VAMPS @ Download Festival


Hailing from Tokyo, VAMPS join the club that already includes Crossfaith and Babymetal, as the new breed of Japanese metal being welcomed in this country with open arms (and ears).

Just before they played their awesome set on the Pepsi Max Stage on the Saturday of Download Festival, we caught up with duo Hyde and K.A.Z (thanks to the help of their lovely translator) on being signed to Universal, UK crowds and their influences.


HTS: You recently got signed to the major label Universal Records, how are you finding that?

Hyde: Up until now we’ve been playing on an indie label but since signing to a major label, they can bring in more power so we can go to the overseas market so we’re very happy.

VAMPS on the Pepsi Max Stage
VAMPS on the Pepsi Max Stage

HTS: How do the Japanese crowds back home compare to playing to UK crowds?

Hyde:  The UK audiences are more free so the crowds react in different ways, which is very interesting in that sense

K.A.Z: The UK audiences are obviously well into their rock music so it’s a little bit different with having a rock base in the audience, so when we perform we see that difference and we find that very interesting.

HTS: Who are your main influences with your music?

Hyde: (laughs and points to our editor’s shirt) Def Leppard!

K.A.Z: Killing Joke.

HTS: Did you guys have fun at the Kerrang! Awards last week?

Hyde: We were both very nervous but it was a lot of fun!

Hyde at Download Festival
Hyde at Download Festival

HTS: What do you think of Download as a festival?

Hyde: (mimes taking jacket on and off) The weather changes a lot, hot and cold and hot and cold, but it’s very good.

K.A.Z: [thumbs up]


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