INTERVIEW: The Dirty Youth @ Download Festival


Backstage on the second day of Download Festival (14th June), we managed to catch up The Dirty Youth‘s fierce (but ever so charming) frontwoman, Danni Monroe and talk new drummer Freddie, festivals and getting changed in the back of a van.


HTS: Tell us about the DVD you’ve recently released through Pledge Music.

Danni: Everyone that’s pledged has received it and it’s had a wicked reception. Everybody’s saying they liked it better than the last which is always a good thing! Basically the tour got cut short so it was three weeks worth of footage that we didn’t have so the fact that we still managed to get 45 minutes of entertaining footage is awesome. I didn’t even see it until it came out, so I was literally like a fan watching it.

HTS: Your new drummer, Freddie Green, how’s he fitting in?

Danni: Awesome! Today’s his first show so it’s a pretty cool one for him. We’ve known him for years and our previous drummer Phil decided to leave, touring life isn’t for everyone and it’s a lot harder than it seems . But Freddie did amazingly. You know when you get that gel, it sounds really cheesey but it just works.

HTS: There’s been a rise in frontwomen lately, and we’re all for girl power! Who would you say are your badass female influences?

Danni: It’s awesome, definitely. We’ve been going for about seven years now so it’s great, if anything, why can’t there be more [frontwomen]! I’m a diva through and through so Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin are my main idols. Freddie Mercury, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, too many to name!

HTS: You were involved in our Music Mayhem last month, how did you enjoy that?

Danni: Oh that was awesome. Yeah I saw it on Instagram, it was wicked, I did pretty well too so thank you.

HTS: Who are you looking forward to seeing today at Download?

Danni: Sikth definitely. I’m a massive fan but I’ve never seen them so I’m gonna be hanging around to catch them later on. Today I haven’t been able to see anybody at all sadly. Yesterday I only got to see Avenged Sevenfold and they were wicked, I’ve never seen them before. We have a curfew so we got dragged away before the end unfortunately.

HTS: You played earlier this morning, how was it at playing that time of day?

Danni: I managed to get to bed at half past twelve the night before, which is good because I was off my face and the room was spinning. Up at six, at Download for nine, and we didn’t even get to our dressing room, that’s how rushed we were this morning, so I had to get ready in the van. We didn’t know what to expect because it was early and it had just started to rain, but the amount of people that turned up and were singing back the words to us was wicked. Our second album is coming out later this year and we played a few of those live and people were even singing those lyrics to something we haven’t even released yet is amazing.

HTS: Do you enjoy Download festival?

Danni: It’s my favourite festival. I’ve been going eight years in a row now and we’ve played three years so hopefully main stage next!



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