Before Natives filled their main support slot at Blitz Kids’ headline show in Leeds, Hit The Scene sat down with Jack (guitar), Andy (drums) and Jim (vocals) to talk about their new single ‘The Horizon’, polaroids and drinking with Blitz Kids.

HTS: So your new video ‘The Horizon’, tell us about it?

Jack: Yeah, it’s our new video. We wanted a video based on a narrative rather than another performance video, because we hadn’t had the chance to do it so far. It’s about a boy who sneaks out of his house without his parent’s permission, and he goes to town with his favourite cowboy hat, and at first he experiences the wonders of Blackpool, and you see the boys imagination so he thinks he’s actually a cowboy, which is revealed at the end. And we were pretty proud of it, we’re happy.

HTS: You take polaroid’s at every show. Do you keep them? 

Andy: We do.

Jack: They’re currently in my little studio we have at my house. And they’re currently in a draw. We’re waiting on getting a big glass frame then we’ll put them up on the wall of our practice studio. We’ve pretty much got every show we’ve ever played. It’s a nice way to chronicle all of our adventures.

Jim: We have about 120 polaroids.

HTS: When did it start?

Jack: It was our first show. It was just something we started.

Jim: It’s good to look back on as well.

Jack: Yeah, and hopefully we can see the crowds getting bigger rather than smaller.

HTS: Why does everyone seem to use an upside down ‘V’ as an ‘A’, as in your logos?

Jack: Because we did it! (laughs) I don’t really know why everyone does it. Maybe it’s an easy way to brand something. The reason we did ours like that is because it looks like a tepee and we’re called Natives so we thought it looked good.

Andy: Yeah, so ours is the best.

Jim: I think everyone is just too lazy to cross their ‘A’s.

Jack: And our sort of gang sign, although that sounds aggressive. Our friendly gang sign has always been that as well.

Andy: Which we do in the polaroids.

Jack: So at least there’s some backstory and depth to it.

HTS: And you’re going on a headline tour in February?

Andy: We are indeed. We’re going out on a short run next year.

Jack: We’ll be putting together our new album and that tour will hopefully have some new music.

HTS: How have Blitz Kids been? Have they forced you into drinking too much yet?

Jack: This is a vicious rumour that Blitz Kids party hard. All I’ve seen is Jono having water every day struggling. But no, they’ve been lovely. They’re really nice people and we’ve gotten on really well. It’s been fun.

Andy: I think after London we might have a few drinks together so we’ll see what happens then. But I’m pretty sure we’ll out drink them. They start too early.

Jack: Yeah, they’ll be in bed when we’re on.

HTS: And Kerrang! streamed your new EP, “The Horizon”. How was that?

Jack: Oh yeah, they did. It was good. It was really nice of them. People seemed to like it. The EP isn’t very ‘Kerrang-y’ either so thanks Kerrang!.

HTS: Maybe they’re broadening their “horizons”…

Jack: Haha! I see what you did there! And on that bombshell…

You can buy Native’s “not very Kerrang-y” EP on iTunes here!