INTERVIEW: More Than Conquerors


Fresh off the back of a mini UK tour, we catch up Kris of More Than Conquerors to talk labels, albums and Belfast. With an impressive list of support slots behind them (including Twin Atlantic and Jimmy Eat World) MTC are ones to watch. 

HTS: Your name ‘More Than Conquerors’ is a biblical quote. Being from a religious background yourselves, do you feel that religion is still a relevant topic within music?

Absolutely, it’s a huge part of life whether you want it to be or not and it’s a topic that has always intrigued us, and will continue to. It means an awful lot to us so it makes sense to write about it. We don’t have any answers but we’ll most certainly ask the questions.

HTS: You’ve been together since 2009, how did you all meet?

We met on a battle of the bands TV series in Northern Ireland. We were in different bands and over the next couple of years out paths continued to cross. It made sense to join forces.

HTS: You’ve had no lineup changes in the five years you’ve been together, what do you think is the secret to this?

Getting used to each other’s smell. Once you get over that, you become an unbreakable chain.

HTS: How did you find the transition from playing in your hometown Belfast, to playing in England?

The ales are nicer in England, the Guinness definitely isn’t. Apart from that, the people are the same and so are the venues. We love to get away from Belfast and play to other audiences, it’s what keeps us going as a band and as musicians.

HTS: You’ve received airplay from Radio 1 and been noticed by BBC Introducing, how has this affected your fanbase?

It’s helped us reach people that we wouldn’t have otherwise. It, by no means, has meant that we’ve had to stop working hard. It’s just a bonus that we’re grateful for getting.

HTS: You’ve supported the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Twin Atlantic, how has playing with these musicians developed you guys as a band and your music?

You learn a lot very quickly from guys who have been doing it for ten years more than you have. Their musicianship is phenomenal, so we try to take bits and pieces from any band we support and put it into effect in our own music and live performances.

HTS: You recently played Liverpool Sound City, how was that?

It was great. We love Liverpool and we love the festival so it was nice to be asked back. We played outside to a really great crowd. Thankfully the weather was good and people were even better.

HTS: You’ve been signed with Small Town America label for quite a while now, how has it been working with them?

Smalltown America are a label with a DIY ethos. It’s been an amazing couple of years and we’ve learnt so much from them. They will no doubt continue to conquer the DIY scene. (No pun intended)

HTS: Are there any plans for a new record since last years release of Everything I’ve Learnt?

There is. We’ve started the writing process and we’re 5 songs in. There’s loads more to do but we’re really excited about the new sound that’s happening. Watch this space and get excited with us!


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