INTERVIEW: Max Raptor @ Nightmare Festival

Max Raptor - © Marianne Harris Photography
Max Raptor – © Marianne Harris Photography

We caught up with Max Raptor ahead of their Nightmare Festival set to hear all about Guatemalan gods and Aberdeen beaches, here’s what they had to say!

HTS: So, shall we start with the story behind the name of the band?

Wil: Max Raptor is a folklorical God based in Guatemala that I once went to see. I got led by a small child into a museum that was in fact someones house, and in the back of the house behind some netting there was a papier mache man with cigarettes in his mouth and alcohol at his feet, its the god of drinking and smoking and I thought it sounded cool.

HTS: How are you feeling about playing the Nightmare Festival later today?

Matt: Pretty good! These are the same guys as behind Camden Rocks which we played back in May and it was great, and we get to play at the Underworld which is a fantastic venue so it should be cool hopefully.

HTS: Are you planning on checking out any other bands today?

Ben: Our friends Attention Thieves, Blood Red Shoes, Hounds.

HTS: Who are your influences?

Matt: Who are your influences?

Ben: The United Kingdom.

Matt: Billy Talent, good UK bands, my school report said I was easily influenced by others. I like Alexisonfire, Gallows, The Bronx, they’re great. Minority Report, Tom Cruise, predicting murders is a big influence of mine.

Ben: A good pint of pedigree.

HTS: What’s been your best tour experience?

Matt: That’s easy, Dinosaur Pileup.

Pete: It was during a heat wave as well and we were on a beach in Aberdeen and it was actually hot and it was amazing. I got hit in the face with a Burger King bag, it was a really nice day until that happened. I also really enjoyed the tour we did with Fort Hope and Only Rivals, that was good too.

HTS: How would you describe yourselves to someone who hadn’t seen or heard of you?

Matt: A fun band full of fun guys.

Pete: Riffs and a shouty man.

Ben: Pointy too, I always think of Wil as pointy.

Matt: He likes to instruct via point.

And you can catch Max Raptor next month at their hometown show!