Lydia are supporting The Maine on their 8123 UK tour, and boy are they excited to be here. It’s their first trip over to this side of the pond, and they’re feeling the love, as Matt says “there are kids who’ve been waiting years for us to come over here.” A big honour, but before we let them play their set, we wrangle them in the dressing room of Key Club, Leeds, for a chinwag about their name, Wi-Fi, and Death Cab for Cutie.

HTS: You’re touring with The Maine, did you know?! How’s that going?!

Justin: Wait, what are we doing?! (laughs)

Matt: It’s certainly not the first one, its something we’ve grown used to, this is our 3rd tour with these guys, they’re super awesome.

Justin: Sick dudes!

Kennedy said they love you, they’ve known you a long time…

Matt: We’re just very cordial.

Leighton: The love feeling is mutual.

Justin: They all stink! Just kiddin’

HTS: It’s your first time in the UK! How are you finding it?

Justin: It’s cold.

Matt: At least it wasn’t raining today.

Justin: Everywhere we go the architecture is crazy. In America almost everywhere you go besides the east-east coast is new buildings, there’s very few newer buildings here, everything looks like a castle (far off look of wonderment in eyes)

HTS: Have you met any UK fans, how have they been?

Matt: Oh yeah, there are some fans that have been waiting for us to come over here for a long time.

HTS: Obviously The Maine are your favourite band to tour with, so who’s been the worst band you’ve toured with?

Justin: Oh I cant! To be honest I cant think of a band we’ve toured with where it’s been like “ahhh those guys suck.”

Leighton: There was a band. We had lights on stage on one tour, this band we toured with kept breaking our lights, that was a dick move.

Justin: (laughs) I remember that.

Leighton: We don’t have any super gnarly stories, nobody’s been a complete asshole.

Justin: We’re pretty easy to get along with so long as you’re not a dickhead we’re gonna be nice to you back! (laughs)

HTS: You’ve had a look at the venue, this venue has opened in place of the legendary Cockpit; what do you think?

Justin: It’s cool. It has wi-fi!

Matt: This is their 4th show.

Justin: I got on board ‘the cloud’, FaceTimed my lady.

Leighton: I like the area,  you can walk to that outdoor mall thing, whatever’s going on over there.

Justin: It looks like its gonna be a big party!

Matt: The show sold out!

HTS: Are you looking forward to playing London?

Matt: Yeah, that’s my birthday!

Justin: Looking forward to turning 18 finally! (looks over at youthful face friends and laughs)

Matt: I’m real excited!

HTS: Most embarrassing stage moments: GO

Justin: Anytime that like any three of us don’t do 100%, even if it’s one of those things no one else in the world would notice we just walk off thinking like “we just did the worst thing in the world and everybody hates us” (laughs). (Puts on gruff guy voice) “I can’t belive we did that, no ones gonna like the band ever again!” then you wake up the next day and feel better about yourself.

Matt: I try my hardest not to embarrass myself on stage.

HTS: Who would you most like to tour with? A dream tour.

Justin: I’d be stoked if Paul McCartney or Kanye took us on tour!

Leighton: (laughs) Absolutely.

Matt: I would love to do a tour with Death Cab (for Cutie). I’m gettin’ back into them again, my girlfriend gave me an iPod to take with me because I don’t have one and its just loaded with Death Cab and I was laying in my bunk like “this is good music,” I forgot how good they were.

HTS: I don’t know how you got your name so tell me, where did Lydia come from?

Leighton: Uhh its not a very interesting story, when we had our very first show we were playing this pizza shop and didn’t have a name and the owner came out and said “you guys cant play unless you have a name”, which is reasonable.


Leighton: So the old guitar player just said “hey, how about Lydia?” and everyone’s like “oh ok, that’ll work”, and it just stuck. People think its like this elaborate story!

Justin: We should start making shit up!
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