INTERVIEW: Kennedy of The Maine

The crowd for The Maine‘s show at newly established venue Key Club in Leeds is already snaking around the streets of Leeds as it attracts more and more eager participants to tonight’s gig. The Maine are no stranger to these shores, but their fans can’t get enough. With a new album looming, and a recent “blackout” of all their social media, big things appear to be in the pipeline for the Arizona natives, and as we get down to chattin’ with Kennedy, his focused view on their music becomes apparent, a counteraction of his super-chill nature. We begin where we always begin…

HTS: How is the tour going?

The tour is going splendid! Honestly, we’ve had a lot of fun, we have our best friends out here [Lydia, Nick Santino], its everybody in the same bus just kind of sharing space and tripping over each other and all having a good time.

HTS: When did you first meet the guys on the tour?

We’ve known everybody like for quite some time. Nick, I’ve known for 8 years now, right when our band started we met up with Nick really early on, so its kind of been a growing process between both of us for years and Lydia we’ve known for a long time as well, they’re from Arizona so we’ve kind of grown up listening to them. There’s a lot of camaraderie!

HTS: What can you tell me about your new album?

Not a whole lot yet other than I’m really excited! We’ve begun the writing process, we’ve been writing for the past month or 2 at home, and yeah we plan to head into the studio soon and the rest of the year is gonna be dedicated to that. There’s a lot of energy going on with the songs, we’re very upbeat, I’m excited!

HTS: How is it going to be different from your last album, Forever Halloween? 

Well we’re going back and recording with Colby Wedgeworth who did ‘Pioneer’, we really really loved working with Brendan Benson on ‘Forever Halloween’ and learned a lot form him, he’s just such a great musician, he’s so intricate in the process, and I think really we kind of took what we learned from that in hoping to spend some time with Colby, and he gets us very well.

HTS: This venue (Key Club) is quite new to Leeds, I know you’ve played the Cockpit a few times…

Yeah , miss it!

So how do the venues compare?

I think we’re only the 4th show here, it’s a cool little venue its gonna be a punk-rock night for sure, we’re very close to each other on the stage. People are gonna rather enjoy today, its gonna be intimate!

HTS: The tour is called ‘The 8123 Tour’; a moniker you use frequently. It’s a hometown zip-code, correct?

It’s a childhood address kinda that’s just run through everything, it was kind of a name to put on things that’s ours, that isn’t “The Maine.” It’s our hub.

Does it reflect your love of home?

Yeah absolutely, every one of these bands are our closest friends, and they’re part of this family and so are our fans.

HTS: You had a new video out a couple of months ago, ‘Run’; what’s your favourite and least favourite kind of videos to record?

Actually the past couple videos, the last 3, we’ve done have all been with this guy named Daniel Gomez and he is really awesome to work with, he’s got a really good vision of what he wants and he’s really good at explaining to us how he’s going to go about getting that, and yeah the past couple of videos we’ve done with him have been totally different styles. ‘Run’ was just a performance video, which was completely different from the past 2 we’ve don with him, being ‘Misery’ and ‘Love and Drugs’. Both those were very cinematic and story-line and had all these extra aspects and things we weren’t used to doing at all, but I think that was a really cool opportunity to break into something we’ve never done creatively and semi-acting I guess. But yeah, ‘Run’ was really cool. It’s the first performance video we’ve ever really done, so we wanted it to have a certain mood and I think that’s what he (Gomez) was really good at capturing.

HTS: Would you ever do a 10 year anniversary tour of your first album (Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop)? That seems to be a thing these days. Do you think you’d want to play the whole album front to back?

I think that its a fun idea, I don’t think we would do it in that fashion, it’s a little grabbing at low-hanging fruit, but I do really think the nostalgia of playing stuff like that is really cool, I think if were were gonna play the first record like that we’d just get wasted and try and play it, like, no practice!

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