huxtable picWe join Huxtable in a tiny room hidden away behind the stage at the iconic Troxy, one of London’s most beautiful venues, where these two charming and unassuming Scotsmen have just played what is without doubt the biggest show of their entire lives, supporting Biffy Clyro as part of the Relentless Live 2014 event. Not bad going considering they’ve only been a band for less than a year, and they were certainly eager to tell us all about how they ended up sharing the stage with their heroes.

So, did you enjoy your set today?

Jordan [guitar, vocals]: It was all a bit of a blur to be honest![laughs] When you have a massive show where the pressure’s really on, there’s the worry of putting on a good performance and the worry of actually playing, and you just end up having so much to focus on that you can’t really stop to take in the experience! All of the feedback we’ve had so far has been incredible though, so it must have gone pretty well!

You won the opportunity to play at this show in the Relentless ‘Here To Be Heard’ competition. How did that happen?

Marc [Drums]: Well, basically we sent in a video about us and one track of ours, and they then picked us from about three hundred bands that entered. After that we got put on a shortlist of the top 5 bands and people had to vote

Jordan: To be honest, we’d forgotten all about it, and we got one hell of a shock when our manager burst in to tell us we’d made the top 5; she was so excited she could barely get her words out! So then we obviously rang our parents, because my mum and dad are massive Biffy fans as well! We knew for a couple of days before we were allowed to tell the internet, and from then on it was just a real push for it. We didn’t actually know it was Biffy when Emily [our manager] said that she thought we should enter, we thought it might be Pure Love, so we were surprised by how big the whole thing was! We thought we’d suit a bill with Pure Love on it, and when Biffy were announced we were a bit worried actually. We’re both from Kilmarnock, and we didn’t want people to think there was any favouritism going on!

Have you spoken to Biffy Clyro at all?

Jordan: They’ve all been lovely!

Marc: Yeah, Biffy are sound, they came out and congratulated us on the whole Huxtable thing, they‘re just really nice guys!

Jordan: Absolutely! You hear these stories where people support big acts and get told crazy stuff like ‘don’t look the lead singer in the eye, don’t speak to them, if they walk past you look at the floor’ and all stuff like that, but Biffy are nothing like that. They’re just normal guys who love what they do and like being around other people who love what they do, and that’s really refreshing!

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it before?

Marc: Hmm. It’s very riff orientated…

Jordan: [interrupts] Yes! It’s loud, it’s riffy, it’s groovy! The only way to find out whether it’s your cup of tea or not is to taste it! I was actually thinking about this the other day, and the answer I came up with was:  it would take me longer to try and describe it than it would for you to listen to one of our songs. That’s the official answer, let’s go with that! [laughs]

How did you guys get together as a band?

Marc: Well, we used to play in a bigger band, and every time the other guys would go out for cigarettes, Jordan and I would just start rffing, completely separately to what we were doing in the band at the time. We started joking around about what would happen if we made a band that had just the two of us in it, and how we’d call it Huxtable, and then eventually the other band we were in went to shit, and we decided we’d actually start Huxtable, as a joke from before, and now here we are!

Jordan: We knew each other for years, both being from the same small town and it just developed really. I actually moved to London for a couple of years and was completely out of music from the ages of 19-24. I didn’t even pick up a guitar for the 5 years I was there, I wasn’t even sure if I could play anymore. Then I moved back up to Scotland, ran into Marc somewhere, probably the pub and we just got chatting again, and then drinking buddies turned into playing music together. So basically, this band started through drink! [laughs]

Marc: Maybe we should be called Drinxtable instead!

What are your favourite bands to listen to at the moment?

Jordan: Biffy! And I’m not just saying that, they’ve been a staple in my record collection for many years.

Marc: Always love a bit of Led Zeppelin!

Jordan: I like Them Crooked Vultures as well, basically anything Josh Homme has ever had a hand in, I like! I was never a massive fan of Artic Monkeys, for example, until they released AM. I only listened to that because I knew he was producing it and you can definitely hear his influence on it. Aside from that, I listen to a lot of classical when I’m at home, because if you want to learn to write a riff, you need to listen to some Beethoven. Those are riffs that have been around for 200 years and they’re still brilliant!

Any plans for new music from you guys soon?

Jordan: Yes, we’ve got a new EP coming out in the new year, so watch out for that! Potentially an album and some videos as well.

How about any plans for a tour?

Jordan: Nothing as yet. But we’re always open to offers!