INTERVIEW: Homebound


Whilst backstage at the Ourzone Found tour, we managed to grab a cheeky chat with frontman Charlie and guitarist Tom from up-and-coming UK pop-punkers, Homebound about Limp Bizkit, being true to their British roots and inspiration.

HTS: How would you describe your sound?

Charlie: If you like pop-punk, then I’m sure that you will find songs that you like. Our material is fast and it’s punchy.

Tom: We also don’t sound American, which we pride ourselves on!

Charlie: We try to keep a British vibe to our sound as much as possible.

HTS: How did forming the band come about?

Charlie: We had all been in bands since we were like 12, some really bad ones and surprisingly enough, some metal bands…just anything we could get into really! Then one night about a year and a half ago, after a few too many, we decided that we should start a band. We weren’t really sure the next day if we were actually still in a band being sober! It took us a while to find our feet, but we are here taking it a lot more seriously!

HTS: What and who inspires your music?

Charlie: I think for all of us Blink 182 and New Found Glory, they are incredible! We are all influenced by different sorts of music from hip hop to anything really.

Tom: It took us a while for us to find our sound and we were all thinking what could we be genre wise, what kind of sound we wanted. Looking back at our childhood bands, really gave us something great to work towards. We like to  keep an open mind with our music. We aren’t scared to try new things, we aren’t going to not try something just because we are a pop-punk band. We just do whatever sounds good to us!

Charlie: We don’t just want to be bog standard copycat or anything like that, we just want to be ourselves and bring all sorts of influences from different genres.

HTS: If you could support any band, who would it be and why?

Tom : I’d say probably just Blink 182 cos I look up to them so much; I probably listen to them nearly enough every day.

Charlie: Sum 41, Hacktivist, Limp Bizkit. I’d like to support Limp Bizkit, that would be sick! Hopefully one day, you’ll never know.

HTS: What do you guys enjoy the most about touring?

Charlie: We are relatively new to this. So far, we’ve loved mixing with the other bands and just playing music around the country.

Tom: I had never been to Manchester or Nottingham and if I wasn’t in this band, I probably wouldn’t have so that’s pretty cool.

Charlie: It’s just the whole lifestyle really. Waking up to go and play shows, meet new people, make new friends, it’s genuinely just a good experience.

Tom: We just look at every gig as a positive way to get our music out there. It’s all great exposure.

HTS: Are you guys working on any new music?

Tom: We are, slowly but surely. We have about 15 ideas!

Charlie: We sort of churn out these ideas, we never stop writing really. If we’ve got an idea, we really want to crack on and write it down to remember it. We really put a lot of focus into it.

Tom: We won’t release any thing til sometime next year.

HTS: What’s next for Homebound?

Tom: More gigs!

Charlie: We’ve not done a lot of gigging as we spent a lot of time writing our first E.P. and now we just want to tour as much as we can and play as many shows as we can really.

Tom: Write new music of course, just keep doing what we are doing.

Coming of Age cover art

Check out Homebound’s debut E.P. Coming of Age here!