[W]e managed to catch up with Decade frontman Alex Sears before the band’s recent show supporting We Are The Ocean at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, for a quick chat about his favourite bands to tour with, how the band came to be called Decade and what exactly it is that they get up to in their downtime on tour.

HTS: How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it before?

Alex: I would say that it’s built around rock music, with influences of pop punk and a bit of grunge. We really just take everything we like and enjoy listening to, throw it into the pot and see what comes out!

HTS: How come you changed you name from ‘Ready, Set, Low’?

Alex: Honestly we changed our name at the end of 2010 because we just decided it sucked. It was never a name that had any meaning behind it, it was just made up on the spot, because when I started the band I had a couple of songs but no band name to put them up under, so I just thought of it on the spot. We chose Decade because when we decided to take the band more seriously it was the end of 2010, so we were about to start a fresh decade, and it symbolised a bit of a rebirth.

HTS: What do you do in your downtime on tour?

Alex: Well, we mostly just try and fill time and entertain ourselves. We like to play a game called Bin Ball, which is where you kick a ball into a bin, funnily enough! [laughs] It’s good fun, although it does get incredibly competitive. You can do it anywhere as well, just find a bin in any old car park or whatever. It sounds boring, but it’s actually really fun, honest!  It’s surprisingly hard though, we’re all equally terrible at it! That’s what keeps you playing it, you just end up wanting to get the ball in the bin so badly!

HTS: Do you have a favourite band to tour with?

Alex:  We toured with Tonight Alive last year, who are a great bunch of people. They were just a bunch of friendly chilled out Australians; there was no ego or anything like that. And they got our sense of humour as well, so we just clicked with them, which was great. We like Lower Than Atlantis as well, they were really nice guys, and we spent about three weeks on the road with them, so we got to know them quite well.

HTS: If you could cover any song which one would you choose?

Alex: That’s difficult, because all my favourite songs I’d be too scared to cover as I’d be worried that people would think I’d ruined their favourite song! I was actually thinking  the other day of covering Today by The Smashing Pumpkins, as it’s one of my favourite songs, but I just thought, what could I possibly do with it that wouldn’t ruin it? That’d be the song I’d pick though, because I’m not a very technical guitarist and I know I could actually play it as well.

HTS: What’s your favourite band to listen to?

Alex: It varies quite a bit, but when I’m done with new music and I’ve exhausted everything, Glassjaw is my go-to band, they’re my absolute favourite and the one I always go back to. Them and Weezer, probably.

HTS: If you could tour with any other band in the world, who would it be?

Alex: We were discussing this the other day, and I think I chose Weezer and Saves The Day. Weezer would headline, Saves The Day would be main support and we’d open. I think that would be perfect, and the fanbases of those two bands would enjoy our music.

HTS: Any plans to record new material any time soon?

Alex: That’s kind of all up in the air at the moment.  We’ve been writing like crazy, and we do pretty much have a second album, or at least the bare bones of it together. We have every intention of recording a second album; we just don’t know when the best time is for us, because obviously, recording a second album takes away time that you could be spending on the road promoting the first album. At the moment we’re trying to get as much touring done as possible, we won’t even think about recording until next year.

HTS: What’s next for decade after you finish the WATO tour?

Alex: We’re hoping to do a couple more tours in the next few months. Then we need to get writing music, and putting the second album together. So, in an ideal world we’ll tour for the rest of this year, and then finish writing the album and get it sorted out next year.

You can check out Decade’s music and get a free download of their single ’Callous’ here.