It’s late September but it’s still warm as f*ck. DEAD! are about to play Temple of Boom in Leeds when we meet; a charming DIY venue on the outskirts of the town centre. DEAD! play a lot of shows. They pretty much never stop. Headlines, tour supports, you name it; they’re on the bill. Earlier this year they joined Fearless Vampire Killers on their Cabin Fever tour, and earned themselves a bunch of well-deserved new fans.

After a quick wander down the road, we take a seat outside Leeds’ Victoria Quarter, and Subway coffee in hand, and sans vocalist Mountford, get down to srs bsns.


HTS: So. When are you going to do a full album?

All: Ooooh…

Chappell (Bass): That’s a really harsh question!

Matlock (Guitar/Vocals): When the time’s right; it’s kind of a singles market these days isn’t it? A release plan we thought was really cool was The 1975 who did 4 EP’s with the lead singles for the album ,and kind of after people picked up on it as the singles they released it as an album which was a nice package, so basically after all their fans had bought it and enjoyed it, they re-released it for everyone else who;s a bit late to the party. It’s a changing music market, we would love to do a really in-depth album, but there just isn’t an audience for that. It’s not a sad thing, just a different thing.

HTS: How do you feel you interact with your fans? You’re pretty present on Facebook etc.

Chappell: There’s that kind of a weird fine line. Social media is a blessing and a curse, to a point where…

Matlock: There’s a line. It’s amazing that you can be present in so many peoples lives with your updates all the time and if they want them all you have to do is a click a button on a website: it’s brilliant! But there does have to be a line, and me and Alex (Mountford, vocals) went to see a band [Taking Back Sunday] a while ago, and we could have met the band but we didn’t want to because we wanted to see them as artists not as people who play music. The band knows where to draw the line, and we’ve never had an issue with fans not respecting that.
Chappell: Some fans expect every day to be so rock ‘n’ roll but really its like “well today I saw my girlfriend and sort of worked my job and ate a curry”; its not that interesting! We’re just normal people.

HTS: If you had a limitless budget, what would your dream music video be like?

Matlock 2.0 [Louis] (Guitar): ‘Ava Adore’ (Smashing Pumpkins) literally one shot, looking creepy as fuck.

Matlock: That must be expensive to make because they’ve got all of the sets and all of the actors ready to go.

Chappell: Quentin Tarantino to direct. Just basically his team.

Matlock: You said the budget is limitless? Ok, we’d spend the first part on Tarantino and what he wants, on a one shot thing, then spend the rest of the budget, which is limitless, on eternal fireworks, a lot of fireworks!

Chappell: The kind of fireworks that’d be an attraction and you could go there in 10 years time and be like “yeah, this is where DEAD! shot their video.”

Matlock: We’d buy one called “The Komodo 3000” and it’d light up the sky.

HTS: We know you guys aren’t averse to a good time. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve vomited?

Matlock: (laughs) [to Chappell] Scott should tell it for you! Because its better when someone else tells the story.

Scott (Drums): It was the second day of the FVK tour (Cabin Fever, April 2014) it was a lot of fun, obviously the FVK guys are older than us and they’ve been drinking for longer than we have, so we went out with them. The aftershow was at the venue, and on the way back, some people were sick including Chappell and Alex, in this nice van that had like carpeted floors and walls and TVs and a fridge and stuff, and they were sick ALL OVER THE FLOOR, and we had to stop like 3 times. It took us like 5  hours to get back to Southampton. Our driver was really mad as well. Everyone hated Chappell as well.

Matlock: The phenomenal thing about that, it wasn’t that he threw up in the van that was a unique place, it was that he threw up in a cupholder and then dropped it in the van.

Chappell: Now I can tell my story! The next day I woke up and I was like “ah I don’t have a hangover I feel glorious! I wonder what happened last night?” So I got up, had a shower, got ready, I was going over to my parents’, so I was just texting the guys like “hi, hope you have a good Easter” kinda thing; no one replied to me. So then the Sunday came along, I ring up our driver Greg just to see how he is, and without even saying “hello”, just this angry shouty man down the phone just non-stop for 10 minutes.

Matlock: We stopped at the same services 2 weeks later, and we’re pretty sure we found that same pile of sick.

Chappell: Moral of the story is: don’t drink rum.

HTS: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on stage?

Matlock: I broke a string on one guitar went and got my spare one, broke 2 strings on that, thought “fuck it I might as well go and get the other one again”, broke 2 strings on that one, couldn’t be bothered to change it, then realised that I’d ruined all my nice expensive things, so that was quite embarrassing between the band cus everyone was like “you’re an idiot.”

Chappell: Not to be the story-topper of this interview but again-

Matlock: (interrupts) You’re always story-topping! You fucking are a story-topper, but it’s all true which is horrible.

Chappell: So we go to Brighton at The Haunts, lovely venue, massive drum riser. So during soundcheck I thought “y’know, I can jump on these”, got changed to go play the gig and had some new jeans on. First song of the set, go into the bass breakdown, go to jump on the drum riser, stack it, smash my head on the drums, my bass goes so out of tune in front of like 500 people or something, everyone was laughing. I ripped my jeans in the middle.

Scott: Nothing on my kit moved! I was just watching him do it. I was sort of so happy that he was there, it was funny to watch.

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