INTERVIEW: Dani Winter-Bates of Bury Tomorrow
Everyone wants a piece of Bury Tomorrow at the moment as the band are on an upward trajectory thanks to new album ‘Runes’ being one of the most pivotal British metal releases of previous years. We make our way through the Bierkeller in Bristol to a small office space that leads to Bury Tomorrow’s dressing room. It’s in this room we have a sit down and a chat with frontman Dani Winter-Bates. As he saunters into the room he strikes us as a confident young man; and extremely focused.

HTS: Your third album ‘Runes’ has been out a couple of months now, how has the reaction been to it?

Dani: Yeah it’s been awesome, it’s surpassed any expectations we had for it, it’s been received well which is awesome and obviously it got to number 34 on the mainstream charts so we couldn’t have asked for any better really to be honest!

HTS: How has the band’s profile and popularity changed since we last spoke to you at Slam Dunk?

Dani: It’s crazy actually we were talking about this today it’s kinda like, the crowds have obviously grown massively especially for this tour it’s been kinda next level to be honest, surpassed as I said with the album, surpassed all expectations that we had previously for it, you know? But I  think they’ve also amped up a lot the kids seem a lot more electrified by the time we go on, they seem like they’re stoked for every song we play rather than say a select few singles and stuff. But yeah it’s been amazing especially for this tour.

HTS: How refreshing has it been to put the new songs into your setlist and what are your favourite songs to play live off ‘Runes’?

Dani: Umm…it’s been rad to be able to showcase more of the album you know it’s always great to be able to headline and play as many songs as you possibly can in the allotted time. But yeah I really really like playing ‘Garden of Thorns’ live it’s got a lot more bouncy feel to it, kinda similar to ‘Knightlife’ off of Union like it’s got that live feel. It doesn’t take a lot for people to actually understand where were going with it and just get involved in it so yeah, that’s a good song.

HTS: You guys just got back from Australia on the ‘Rise of Brotality’ tour with I Killed The Prom Queen, The Ghost Inside, In Hearts Wake and Hellions, how was that experience?

Dani: Awesome yeah like it was a great initial tour for us it was the first time we’ve headed over there and we didn’t really have any expectations so the fact that we played in front of a good couple thousand of people every other night. It was awesome ya know it was a great opportunity and it was very very strange and humbling in other places to be able to see people across the world singing your lyrics, it was a grounding experience which was awesome.

HTS: You guys also did your own headline shows in Australia, what shows were better the headline or the support?

Dani: They’re both very different, it was quite like being at home when we did the Brotality tour because it was kinda like we were playing in front of a lot of people, very regimented tour with a lot of bands that we’re friends with so that was kinda normal for us. But going out on a headline tour was like going back in time cause there isn’t many markets these days that we haven’t ever played before so especially in Europe we’ve been there, America we’ve been there and England obviously we tour here all the time. So it’s kinda weird to go back to markets where it was really unknown you know and they were on a lot smaller scale which is cool it was very grounding for us to go back and play these shows in front of say 50 kids a night, which is awesome, the fact that we have anyone who likes our band that far away from home is a win in my book. Other shows we played, we played a couple of club shows and we’ve never actually done actual club night shows before ever in the career of our band so that was kinda weird going and playing them. But they were great, got a really cool response.

HTS: At the end of this tour you have a Portsmouth date at the Wedgewood Rooms, essentially a hometown show and also headlining Koko in London, which show are you most excited about?

Dani: To be honest the entire tour I’ve been excited for all of the shows if I’m honest, it sounds so cliche to say but usually it’s London you’re always like, yep London thats gunna be a big one and then hometown obviously your like yep cool but, this whole tour is just insane like Birmingham we sold 1200 tickets which is just something I never thought our band would be able to do. I’m excited for it all, obviously Portsmouth’s a smaller scale it’s the smallest venue on the tour so it’ll be really nice to play that venue for the first time in our career as a sold out show and obviously Koko is a celebration of the whole tour, it’s a massive deal that we’ve pretty much sold out Koko, I mean it’ll pretty much sell out on the night anyway so we know that for a fact we know it’s a big deal for our band to be able to sell 1400 tickets, it blows our minds and I still won’t ever get used to that.

HTS: Is the Koko show something you’re nervous about? Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and Of Mice & Men have all played there recently and then gone on to enjoy success and kickstart the next level for them, has that crept into your minds at all?

Dani: I’m not really nervous about it I don’t really get nervous about bigger shows I actually relish in the fact that we play to more and more people it actually makes my job a lot easier because I use it a lot. I’m all about convincing as many people to like our band as physically possible so that’s always something I’m excited about doing.

But it is something to take note of, as I said before it is a celebration of our band and is a great day for us, that’s what I think I’m gunna take away from it more that it’s gunna be a great day of understanding where ‘Runes’ got us and not putting to bed ‘Runes’ as yet because ‘The Union of Crowns’ tour London was putting it to bed that record and starting a new. So we still got a couple more months of rocking out this record but I think it’ll just be a big celebration of ‘Union’ and ‘Runes’ and how the success has brought us back, and brought us back into more than I ever thought we could ever be, I’m excited for it that’s for sure.

HTS: What are your plans for 2015? Anything you can shed any light on?

Dani: We got a couple of tours coming up like we’ve got a European tour that we can’t announce yet, a UK tour we can’t announce yet but they’ll all be revealed pretty soon.

HTS: Before the end of the year?

Dani: Yeah they’ll be announced in the next couple of weeks so they’ll be coming out and then we’re starting writing again, we don’t wanna wait too long to release another record and we want it to come out as soon as possible cause obviously ‘Portraits’ to ‘Union’ was a long time and ‘Union’ to ‘Runes’ was quite a long time as well so we want it out by the end of next year so we’re not holding back on it really and to tour some of those territories we touched on this year so Australia, possibly America again which would be awesome and Europe as well.

HTS: Finally, we know you’re a massive Slipknot fan, what do you make of the new album?

Dani: (laughs) I’ve only listened to it a couple of times I haven’t had the opportunity, it came out whilst we were on tour so I haven’t actually had the opportunity to pick it up yet. But I understand exactly what they’re doing with it I think it’s the album they needed to make to solidify their career. It’s gone very different which is cool ya know, I like Slipknot anyway I’m jaded, I’m always going to be a big fan of that band I’m one of these fanboys that they’ll never do wrong in my eyes.

The weird thing with Slipknot is you can never put it up against other music that is out now, there’s no band in the world who is like Slipknot they are the only band in the world who are like that. You’ve got no mediums like, okay another release came out like that this year so lets hold it up against this and see if this is good you know people like us and Architects or us and While She Sleeps, they’re our counterparts so you can kind of go, okay Sleeps album came out, whats Bury Tomorrow’s like for comparison, obviously everyones different but in that scene you can kind of gauge where they’re going with it. Whereas Slipknot, who are you going to hold up against Slipknot, nobody. There isn’t anyone out there that you can say, “they sound like Slipknot”. They’re original and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on any record thats for sure.