Colt 45 are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted music scene. Overrun with bands, it’s tough to stand out in today’s music world, but Colt 45 aim to do just that.

We had a chat with bassist Gareth Jenkins about their new album, influences, and festivals.


HTS: Your new album, ‘The Tide Is Turning’ was released a couple of weeks ago. How’s the reaction been to it so far?

It’s been really positive! The reviews have been great so far (especially Hit the Scene, thanks for the kind words!) and most importantly, our fans seem to really like the album – so we couldn’t be  happier! We spent a lot of time writing and refining the songs, so we just hope everyone likes them as much as we do.


HTS: Who designed the album artwork to TTIT? And do the symbols have any relevance to the bands members?

When it comes to artwork we brainstorm ideas around the album theme, and then pass them on to our good friend G.J.W.W who is an amazing artist/designer from our hometown. From day one, he’s done all our artwork – whether it be stickers, t-shirts or album covers. We love his ideas and designing style – it’s always fresh and not the usual cliché designs you see every day. Go check his stuff out!


HTS: You’re playing Merthyr Rocks festival alongside The Blackout and Taking Back Sunday, how excited are you to play?

We are over the moon – and that’s an understatement! We’re big fans of Taking back Sunday & Anti-Flag, so to be playing the same festival as them is pretty surreal. We actually recorded the album in Wales with Romesh Dodgagoda, who’s worked with Kids In Glass Houses, Motorhead and Bullet For My Valentine, so it seems quite fitting playing the festival. Adam (drummer) and I actually have a bit of Welsh blood in us  as well – my Dad’s side of the family are from Deri which isn’t that far away from the festival!


HTS: You guys played Download Festival on the Red Bull Stage and Camden Rocks Festival, how were the shows and has your popularity increased since then?

They couldn’t have went any better! The crowds at both festivals were amazing, and the exposure at both really got COLT 45’s name out there. We played Camden Rocks the year before but we had an early set, so to be asked to play again later in the day was great! As for Download, what can I say, to have even been asked to play such an established festival was unreal. To have a packed out tent watching us was a really proud moment for us!


HTS: Your sound has a very American Punk/Rock vibe and accent to it, was that a conscious decision or just your influences shining through?

We all grew up listening to a lot of American punk rock so it was always going to lean more towards that genre, but I don’t think we ever made a conscious decision to play a certain sound or type of music. We do listen to a lot of 80s and 90s British music, which I think you can hear in our album. At the end of the day we just want to write and play music we like, and hope people enjoy it!


HTS: What are your plans for the rest of the year and early next year?

Our main focus at the moment is the album. Most of our time will be spent promoting it and trying to get our music out to everyone. We’ve also been spending a lot of time rehearsing, getting the new songs ready for our live set. We will be spending the rest of the year touring and playing as many shows humanly possible. We will be releasing details of our shows soon, which you’ll find at

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