INTERVIEW: Colt 45 @ Nightmare Festival



On a balmy warm Saturday in November the Nightmare Festival hits Camden, and we catch up with Colt 45 to hear about their tour antics and what’s next for the Cumbrian trio!

HTS:  So, tell us the story behind the name of the band?

Neil:  There’s no story really, it’s just something that sounded pretty good and it’s a gun and it’s a drink. It’s aggressive, short sharp and to the point.

HTS: How are you feeling about playing the Nightmare Festival?

Neil: Excited, we always have a good time when we’re down in London and in Camden especially. We’ve done Camden Rocks the last two years and all the shows we’ve played here have just got better and better and hopefully tonight will follow suit! There’s loads of good bands on the bill as well so there’s always someone to go and see.

HTS: So are you planning on catching any of those bands today then?

Adam: We’ll definitely be catching our friends Electric River, Blood Red Shoes..yeah there’s a few good ones playing.

HTS: What’s been your best live experience?

Gareth:  I tried to do a half pipe on a skateboard once.

Adam: ..That’s nothing to do with playing live.

Gareth: Well it was after a gig!

Neil: So after four years of gigs and playing Download that’s your best experience?

Adam: For me, Download and our two launches. We’ve supported Three Days Grace at the Electric Ballroom and that was our biggest indoor show so I’d probably put that one up there as well – could definitely get used to doing that!

HTS: And do you still want to stick with your skateboard story?

Gareth: No I think I’m going to change that to Download festival.

Adam: And it wasn’t even a halfpipe, it was barely a quarter pipe.

Neil: It was just a bunch of boxes in a semi circle, it wasn’t a half pipe.

Gareth: It was a half pipe!

HTS: Wow, that’s a face of anger..moving swiftly on! Who would you say your influences are?

Neil: Punk..we have a lot of different influences, I like a lot of 90’s indie stuff, Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild.

Adam: There’s a lot of common ground though, stuff like Alkaline Trio, Jimmy Eat World, even stuff like Paramore, we like good song writing whether it’s pop, punk, metal, jazz, doesn’t matter.

HTS: And what’s up next for you guys then?

Neil: We’ve got a couple of dates with The Computers, if you haven’t heard of them I definitely recommend checking them out!

Adam: We’ve got some things coming up in Kerrang! next week, the video for our song is going to be on Kerrang! TV and a feature about us in the magazine. Plenty going on!

And you can catch Colt 45 on the 18th November at the Barfly and 19th November in Manchester at the Soup Kitchen!