ClimatesAfter meeting up with the band backstage at The Borderline in London (September 16th), Sam Bowden (Guitar) and Wes Thompson (Vocals) of Climates join us outside (Beartooth are currently sound checking) to discuss topics such as touring, the bands highly anticipated debut album and their plans for 2015.

HTS: You’re halfway through the tour with Beartooth and Dead Harts, how have the shows been so far?

Wes: Shows so far have been really, really good and the receptions been awesome; we’ve made some new fans except for Paris…Paris was a little bit weird.

Sam: I think it’s been one of our best crowds, basically out of all the tours we’ve done this is the sort of people we need to be playing to. They’re all enjoying it it doesn’t matter if they’ve never heard of our band before, everyone there is gunna enjoy it. Paris was a great show; it’s just always weird playing France and I think most bands would say that even French bands would say that.

HTS: Was it the venue on the boat?

Sam: Yeah it was an awesome venue, one of our favourite venues to play its ace ya’know you’re on a boat aren’t ya.

Wes: Every time we play France though it’s always been a bit…I dunno how to describe it, bit hit and miss really.

Sam: They just don’t go as hard in France.

Wes: But it’s all good I enjoyed myself.

HTS: Is there a noticeable difference with crowd participation and reaction in Mainland Europe and the UK? Especially if you’re a support band.

Sam: It’s gunna be difficult to tell now as this is the first UK show of this tour, but in general I would say Europe, Germany, Belgium people tend to go a lot harder over there. They’re just not really afraid to stage dive whereas over here it’s a bit like we’ll see if anyone else does it, then if a few people do then maybe. But it’s early days this tours been real awesome so far and we’ll see how the UK goes.

HTS: Your debut album has been a long time coming and is released next month, how excited are you to finally get ‘Body Clocks’ out there?

Wes: Pretty excited but…can’t really moan can we?

Sam: Story short, we had a lot of differences and it was a lot of hard work getting it to where it is, complications as every band does, its what happens in music. But it’s coming out, awesome, finally, but we did do it in November so we’ve obviously had this with us for so long, we want it thrown out there.

HTS: Are there any surprises on the album? Any guest vocals or anything people might not expect?

Wes: Well we can’t say anything cause then people won’t be gutted if there isn’t any.

Sam: I’d say the whole album itself is a surprise.

Wes: It’s just for us.

Sam: It’s not like anything we’ve released before, so I think a lot of people are gunna be hopefully stoked but I think the melodic hardcore background fan base we have might have a second opinion on some stuff. But it’s what we wanna do and we’re really happy with it.

HTS: Describe ‘Body Clocks’ in three words.

Wes: Umm, passionate.

Sam: Ambient.

Wes: And…emotional? I guess? That’s it.

Sam: Brave, definitely brave.

(We know thats four words but we’ll let them have it.)

HTS: Not long after this tour you head out on your very own headline run of shows; do you have anything special planned for these shows?

Wes: Flamethrowers, dragons. (laughs)

Sam: CO2 canons, we got some dragons bred specially for the tour (laughs). We’ve never really done the UK as a whole a lot so for us it’s a chance to do areas we’ve never played before and we’re playing the new album, we’re gunna play if not every song on that album. I think it’ll just be fun for us to finally be playing that music and to be honest in terms of what’s gunna happen with the shows, just new music we’ve not got anything crazy planned…as yet. It’s next month we’ve got plenty of time to plan if there’s gunna be anything else yet.

HTS: You played a couple of the Impericon Festivals earlier in the year, how were the shows and how did they affect the bands profile?

Wes: They were really good, again we were the first band on on both dates which was fine, but…was it Cologne or Vienna, the second one (Cologne) there was over a thousand people there when we played.

Sam: Being the opener, stoked to be even on the line up cause to be playing with all them bands was just crazy. It’s always gunna be difficult cause you’re on ten minutes after doors, people are coming in, but it’s great exposure and you can’t be more thankful to play a huge festival like that so early on.

HTS: Who are some of your favourite UK bands at the moment?

Wes: Well…we’re gunna have to say Neck Deep as one as we’re like best mates with them.

Sam: They’re just killing it. On the spot it’s hard to say we need like an iPod or a phone. Mallory Knox are killing it right now, Lower Than Atlantis, just bands we’re listening to right now.

Wes: Young Guns, Dead Harts are on it.

Sam: Yeah never seen them before live but they’re killing it so far, really getting the crowd going, super energetic.

Wes: Yeah just, Neck Deep I’d say really. We listen to a lot of American bands really.

HTS: Finally, what do you have planned for 2015?

Sam: We’re looking to do the majority of festivals next year we’ve never really done any, we missed them all out this year and I think we’re just gunna go hard ya know, play as many shows as we can. Hopefully get to the states next year there’s been talk, obviously we had one booked this year, didn’t do it because of visas and we’re sort of planning that out for next year. I’d like to say we’re gunna be in America next year but nothing’s booked right now so, who knows.

Wes: Solid touring hopefully, mainly. Just wanna be on the road all the time and just tour the hell out this album and get more fans an that, basically it. All we can do so, hopefully people will turn their heads and notice who we are, and enjoy it.