INTERVIEW: Allusondrugs @ Leeds Festival

alll us at leeds

Backstage at Leeds Festival 2014, we caught up with Leeds very own (and very funny) grunge rockers Allusondrugs fresh from the stage after their Friday afternoon set. We chat to them about Herpes, weed and crashing JCB’s. Here’s what they had to say.

You guys have just finished playing your set at Leeds Festival for the first ever time, how was that?

Dre: It was awesome man, really really incredible.

Jason: Yeah, they were like 500 people, it was amazing.

Jemal: Plus we got everyone to shout Herpes, which was a new experience for me.

Jason: It was all very willing as well

Jemal: In fact, they were over excited, they didn’t even wait until the countdown of three.

Jason: Any sort of chant, any sort of thing done by the same people makes me happy. Nobody’s on their phones or anything, just all doing the same thing and enjoying the show, that’s what it’s all about, just being in that moment.

As you guys are from (near) Leeds yourselves, how does it compare playing festivals near your hometown as oppose to those further afield?

Jason: Well this is the first festival I’ve ever been to and so far it’s really great. We feel official.

Jamal: I really like the vibe, it’s ridiculous that there is such a small area that is completely dedicated to music. It’s my first experience of a festival this size as well so it’s a bit like ‘woah’.

Connor: It’s so different to play than to watch. I hate the camping. But you don’t have to queue as much.

Jason: Yeah it’s like Alton Towers with fast track.

Jemal: Nobody’s really asking any questions. Earlier I just walked over that barrier just because I can. Security can’t tell me no this time can they!

Since forming in 2012, things have taken off pretty fast. How are you all finding the transition?

Jason: Amazing [all agree] everything’s amazing.

Connor: You need to take a step back sometimes just to realise what you’re doing and take it all in. It’s just so surreal, we’re having a ride of it really, you know what I mean.

Jemal: For me, it’s almost like taking on a full time job that I actually enjoy doing.

Connor: The thing is we all actually have full time jobs.  I drive a JCB all day and smashed it into my car the other day.

Jason: The thing is though it’s just the practicing because eventually somebody is going to pay for a hotel for us and we are going to throw everything out of the window. Just for the laugh, starting with telly. Just so you can have a cheeky smile and say “thanks I’ve had a really nice stay.”

You recently released your debut EP, how has that been received by your fans?

Dre: Yeah really well, like constant plays, really strong sales, good feedback. And it shows at gigs because they’re all singing the words back to us.

Jason: We recorded it and wrote it in a lower tuning, and the minute it got released we decided to retune all the guitars, so we play it all different now. It’s good but it’s just weird how we recorded it in January and it’s just come out. We’ve never really got into the business side of music before but it’s worked out well for us.

Jemal: It’s cool that people notice stuff missing from the set as well like on the EP. Walking over here somebody shouted “you need to play VIDEO” and it’s like “how do you even know that song.”

Connor: We only got twenty minutes to play today but hopefully we’ll get more next year.

So you’re going on the Big Cheese tour with fellow Yorkshire-people Marmozets. Are you excited about that and how do you feel about the Yorkshire music scene?

Dre: It’s really good, it’s developing really well. It’s really strong at the moment, even in like crap towns like Castleford [their hometown]. There’s a  music scene forming and people are coming to our gigs and it’s good.

Jemal: Some of the busier shows I’ve actually been paid in cash, but not just like a load of people turn up because there’s nothing else to do, they’re actually into us and what we do. They know all the words and they’re all singing them back to us.

Dre: You can get pulled down in this little town we live in.

Jason: When you’re from a small town and you’re growing up there’s normally a mentality if somethings going well and you’re successful you shun it straight away, you don’t want to proceed or be successful. But everyone is right behind us and are all being really supportive.

Dre: But we’re all very excited for The Big Cheese tour yeah. We’re excited for everything. We’ll do owt.

Jason: If you want us to play your background, we’ll play it. We just play music. It’s corny but it’s true. What’s the point in getting on stage if you’re gonna be a fucking cunt about it. Just enjoy yoursen.

So who are you guys going to see at Leeds Festival today?

Jason: We’re off to Reading now. We’re gonna go catch Queens Of The Stone Age and watch a real band headline the stage.

Connor: Yeah I wanna see Basement, bit gutted we can’t watch Warpaint.

Jemal: I wanna see Baby Godzilla and The Wytches but they were on the same time as us earlier.

Dre: We’re looking forward to watching our friends band Forever Cult as well. They’re playing for the first time ever this year and they’re from Leeds too.

Jason: I don’t know what I’m doing to be honest with ya. I’ve had three hours sleep, smoked too much weed, not had enough to eat, pissed my girlfriend off, didn’t even mean to [laughs].

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