Ice Nine Kills – The Predator Becomes The Prey ★★★☆☆

300x291xPrey1-e1384760321729.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Yef31fi_0DThe Boston Massachusetts band ‘Ice Nine Kills’ first started out with an innovative mix of ska punk and emo sound that then blended into an experimental post-hardcore hybrid. But with the release of their third album through Outerloop, the album ‘The Predator Becomes The Prey’ offers more than just the usual mix of post-hardcore.

The stereotypical post-hardcore sound today would involve heavy breakdowns, crashing symbols, and a mix of heavy vocals and pop like hooks. But, this album offers something more, including the norm of post-hardcore bands today, ‘Ice Nine Kills’ offer a unique mix of technical instrumentation (The Coffin Is Moving, The Product of Hate) that you would hear from the likes of mathcore bands, and gloomy unorthodox punk moments (The Fastest Way To A Girls Heart Is Through Her Ribcage) that would fit right in with the likes of ‘The Used’s bag of tricks.

The album opens with some simple metalcore tracks (The Power in Belief, Let’s Bury the Hatchet… In Your Head) but from the off there is a sense that the band has something more to offer that makes them stand out from the overcrowded scene.

As the album progresses, whereas with most bands similar to the Boston foursome, ‘Ice Nine Kills’ somehow keep interest adding different hooks and the perfect balance of the track listing keeps you intrigued throughout.

The mix of catchy pop punk choruses (What I Never Learnt In Study Hall) and heavy breakdowns (Connect The Cuts) that the band offer throughout the album is enough to stir aggressive euphoria, but it’s the unique blend of intricate guitar work and creeping interludes that makes this album stand out from the rest of the average post-hardcore/metalcore scene; but it might not be quite enough just yet.