Hit The Scene’s Record Store Day Recommendations

1450933_10153500028255276_1187678357_nToday, this Saturday April 19th 2014, is Record Store Day! The day where we celebrate the physical side of music, with many bands and artists releasing special one-off releases to tantalise you. Below, we show you our top choices this RSD, so go out and support music!

Frank Iero – “For Jamia” 7″

frank32In the last year, Frank Iero has been making good use of the boundless energy for which he’s become known. Starting last April, Death Spells became active, doing two short tours with cassette sleeves featuring custom art by Iero. And he didn’t stop at that with the DIY. He also began selling his own clothing line, made prints from one of his photographs, and released a song and video combination that sprung from the mind of his daughter, all distributed under the bcalmpress.com umbrella. In addition, his dedication to his wife was given a 7” vinyl, ‘for jamia’ including his renditions of ‘Be My Baby’ and ‘Walk the Line’, again with art done by Iero. Although based on older music, these are not your mama’s tunes, and Iero’s compelling musical ability is hard to match. He’s masterminded combinations of keyboard drums and guitar to create a punk version of both songs, worthy covers that speak to the romance that inspired them. The limited release set fans into a buying frenzy, but with the arrival of RSD, they will have another chance. Iero has revised the release, and although he’s been quiet on this updated version, we’re sure listeners will enjoy it.


The Dresden Dolls – “The Dresden Dolls” Double LP

1491673_10152346128799323_6614063805685768001_nHit The Scene have always been champions of The Dresden Dolls member Amanda Palmer, so it makes sense that we would include DD’s self-titled debut in our list. Their band of punk cabaret is nothing like you’ve ever heard, and even a decade on, is fresh in it’s approach. In honour of RSD, and thanks to Rhino Records, “The Dresden Dolls” is now available as a limited edition 180 gram red-and-black-swirl double LP! It’s limited to just 3,000 numbered copies, scattered across the globe in various brick and mortar record stores participating in this fine celebration. It’s an Easter Egg hunt of greater reward. 


Reckless Love/The Treatment – Split EP 12″.

rlIt’s no secret that HTS and Reckless Love have a special relationship. Much like England and America, the feeling is mutual. So it makes perfect sense that the boys would release their own spectacular RSD release! Joining forces with The Treatment, they revealed that Spinefarm Records will be releasing a very special limited 4-track split EP, pressed onto 12″ orange vinyl, for this year’s Record Store Day. The EP is limited to 500 copies and produced exclusively for the special event this Saturday, April 19th. The Treatment’s “The Outlaw” (from their album “Running With the Dogs” and their cover of More’s ‘Way Of The World’ will be on the A side of the EP. The B-side of the EP will be Reckless Love’s very first vinyl release that will feature ‘Die Hard’ from their album “Spirit” and the track ‘Angel Falling’, which is labeled as previous unreleased in the UK.

The Treatment frontman Matt Jones had this to say, “As vinyl lovers and collectors, we’re delighted to be involved with ‘Record Store Day’ 2014. We’re also really pleased that our music has now made it onto vinyl, which is especially fitting in terms of ‘Way Of The World’, as the original version of that song, by More, was released back in 1981!”


So there we are, our top picks for this RSD. Let us know YOUR choices in the comments below!