Heights call it a day

HAnother blow to the UK hardcore scene, just days after Your Demise  played their last ever show, Heights have called it a day.

The 4 piece from Welwyn Garden City enjoyed a blistering start to their career with critically acclaimed and fan favourite debut album ‘Dead Ends’ which included an illoustious support slot with the likes of Architects.  However trouble soon followed as vocalist Thom Debaere was ousted from the band with bassist Alex Monty taking over microphone duties.

Second album ‘Old Lies For Young Lives’  was released in April 2013 and the band toured off the back of that with the likes of While She Sleeps,  The Catharsis  and Polar.  Not afraid to add softer elements to their heavy hitting hardcore songs the band showed a genuine ability to change things up and showcase what they were capable off. A trait that set them apart from the rest and set up a bright future…

An official statement from the guys is on their website, accompanied by a video. Check it out at the link below: