Hawthorne Heights Interview!

Hawthorne Heights are a long standing staple in the rock community, and have been since the release of “The Silence in Black and White” in 2004.


On a dual headline UK tour with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus last December, we caught up with drummer Eron to discuss the band’s very exciting future..


You guys have started your own label. What made you start?


Well we’ve kind of been on two different labels now since the formation of our band, and we’ve seen a lot of good things and a lot of band things.  I think as a whole the music industry is struggling to figure out where the business is heading and we don’t wanna be somebody else’s guinea pig.  So we took it upon ourselves to be our own bosses and release music in the fashion that we want, and deal and promote it in a way that we feel is most appropriate for our band.


Why the name ‘Cardboard Empire’?


It’s kind of making fun of the current music business establishment and how the business model is on shaky ground. It really is just a house of cards essentially and when certain things like Spotify come along or napster. It can quickly just blow the house of cards down.


You released this EP yourselves through Cardboard Empire. How different was the process?


Well there aren’t as many rules and time restrictions and there’s no competition fighting for label resources and stuff like that so, in that sense it was a lot more liberating and I guess easy.


Has it been a challenge?


I think it’s tough. There are definitely aspects of running a label that you don’t necessarily think of when you’re on another label. So it has been a little bit more work in some areas, but it’s nothing we can’t handle.


This EP is a lot darker than your previous albums. Do you think having your own label has influenced your music somehow?


I think that’s more a result of just a lot of years of pent up frustration and anger over our situations more than anything. On the last couple albums we sort of allowed label influences into the music and we shouldn’t have and as a result you get a much heavier and darker product this time around.


Do you regret any of your previous records?


No, absolutely not.


‘Hate’ is part of a trilogy, is there a theme behind it?


Well they’re all gonna sort of be tied together. But beyond that I can’t really say because I don’t wanna give anything away about the next EP.


Any ideas when it might be released?


Well, we’re gonna start recording it in January and probably finish recording in March so we’ll hopefully have it out in the spring. *


Any plans to play festivals in the UK?


You know that is something we are gonna be talking with our booking agent in the next few months. It is definitely a priority for us to play a lot more over in Europe because it’s sort of like a market that we’ve neglected a lot and we want to build it up some more.


Do you think the audience has changed over the years; what ages of fans do you think are coming in to your fanbase now?


I think we do have some older fans now as result but I think we still have a lot of real young fans which I think is a really good thing because it just gonna keep the rooms packed hopefully and a continuous flow of fans.


You can check out Hawthorne Heights (on tour in the US June/July) on their facebook here.


*anytime soon, then!