Ghost Town – The After Party ★★★★☆


Artist: Ghost Town

Album: The After Party

Release Date: 17th June

Label: Fueled By Ramen



Like an itch you can’t stop scratching, four piece Ghost Town have prized their way onto the music scene and ain’t going away quietly. Labelling themselves as an ‘audio and visual movement’ Ghost Town are an electronic four piece with a difference. An underground, electronic, party pop band, they are a flurry of genres creating their own unique style and image. Fronted by their vocalist Kevin Ghost, the Hollywood four piece have released their second full length album The After Party, and we can’t seem to get it off repeat.

The 11 track record opens with their latest single Acid, a drug induced haze of synthesizers and vocal overlaps as Ghost combines menacing whispers with aggressive screams.  All of this teamed with Evan Pearce skills on the electronics, they have quickly become a band difficult to ignore.

Their second track Weird is just that. It delivers the continuous message that resonates itself deep within each song of the album, that being a little wacky is okay, and in fact we kinda like it. The stomping bass rhythm helps repeatedly stomp that message deep within your ears, as Ghost shows of his impressive vocal range and guitarist Alix Monster shows off his talent.

That’s Unusual (Jump) acts as the party anthem of the record as synthesizers invade the introduction of staccato guitar rhythms. The chorus is the steady pulse of the track as the verses and break are an epileptic fit for the ears, fab.

The sixth track You’re So Creepy has been a fave amongst fans . Having also been placed on their first album Party In The Graveyard this version has been twisted and tweaked, adding variety to the album whilst still pleasing the original fans.

Under Wraps is the more slower, almost ballad-like track on the album that continues the message to not be ashamed of who you are, as proven with lyrics such as “I unravel one by one, these bandages cover up who you really are.” The bass pulsates from the chorus onwards as the song grows some bite and kick back at any negativity.

The album ends of I’m A Disaster which gives the listener as insight to Ghost’s own personal insecurities as he sings lyrics “I’m a disaster, I’m a fucking mess” “Never fakes it, I’m never changing”. Don’t worry Kev, we still love ya. At a steady tempo with synths sharply punctuated by staccato guitar, it’s the perfect finish to the powerful message they deliver.

The message of the album as a whole sticks to their underground roots as they portray an acceptance of the unusual. If more bands can portray that message through  heavy use of synthesizers,bone shuddering bass lines and fucking cool album artwork, then I reckon they ain’t all bad.

Despite their loyally growing fanbase and impressive amount of Twitter followers, the band have used very little promotion, proving they are all about the music, a true sign of underground heroes. If like us you can’t get enough of GT, you can catch them at Van Warped Tour this summer, and buy The After Party – Ghost Town on iTunes!