Ghost Town Interview!

Ghost-Town-band-2014Backstage at Ghost Town‘s Sheffield show at Corporation (30th May), and with ghosts (Ghost Town fans) already congregating outside the venue, we sit down with the Hollywood natives to talk tour, signings, fan-art, partying and more.

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HTS: First and most obvious question; how’s the tour going?!

Alix: Fucking awesome!

Evan: Sick.

Kevin: I feel like once we adjusted, we could continue on with life you know, to the time zone. We could be normal-ish people.

Evan: I wonder if anyone’s ever been like “this tour’s been fucking shit.”


HTS: You’re also doing some in-store signings on this tour. How have those been going?

Kevin: There’s only been one so far [Manchester, Pulp]

Alix: That was our first signing ever.

Kevin: We were like, “we hope like 5 kids show up”.

Alix: There were like 60 or 70 kids.

Kevin: We were like, “what?”

Evan: There were security dudes at the mall and shit like maintaining the crowd.

Alix: A lot of the security people got a picture as well.

Evan: Some of the staff bought t-shirts. Some of the food staff at Slam Dunk came up and got a shirt.

Kevin: Maybe they hate our music but they like our art.


HTS: Has that ever happened? Has anyone ever bought a t-shirt and said “oh I didn’t like you at all but great t-shirt”?

Alix: It’s come up where like “oh I didn’t know about your band but I found it through your artist”.

Kevin: I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to us, whether they thought it or not, but people have definitely bought a shirt because they like the shirt and they’re like “oh I’ve never even heard you guys.”

Evan: It’s happened like twice. Not even.

Kevin: We’re curious to see how the rest of the signings go, and one of ‘em we get to do an acoustic performance and that’s like one of our favourite things to do is play acoustic so we’ll see what happens. And most of those ghosts who came to that first signing weren’t attending the show that night!

Evan: It was kinda cool though.

Kevin: It was like “oh are you coming to the show tonight?”, “oh no”, “oh well at least we got to say what up.”

Evan: It’s exams! Some kids were like “I have to get back to the library and study, I took a break.”

Kevin: Glad we could be your study break! Good luck!


HTS: At the signings, did people give you fan-art?

Evan: Always.

Alix: Because we’re so influenced by art, we get so much fan art, and it’s incredible, all these kids are super talented, it blows my mind everyday. And a lotta candy.

Evan: Some cookies. Good cookies.

Kevin: [shows us some fan-art] They’re so talented.

HTS: Where do you put them?

Alix: We have a wall in our apartment dedicated to all the fan art. Its like a 2 story wall and the whole first story of the wall is covered.


HTS: What artists have influenced you?

Kevin: Our artist! Alister the Machinist. Alix and I went to high school with him and he’s always done art and he’s always been my favourite artist so when we were forming Ghost Town he was the first person we hit up, he was the only person in mind to hit up. It was the perfect mix. And we’re about to put out a comic book with all the Ghost Town characters and an in-depth awesome story. Haunted Youth comics.

Alix: It’s really complex. Alister would have to be here to explain it.

Evan: It’s literally Star Wars.

Kevin: We love fantasy stuff.


 HTS: So how did Slam Dunk go?

Manny: Sick.

Alix: It was cool playing with bands we grew up listening to, it was really awesome.

HTS: Name ‘em!

Alix: The Devil Wears Prada.

Evan: We also played the same stage as Chiodos.

Kevin: That’s a big one for me too because they were one of my favourite bands in high school growing up.

Evan: Big influences for us.

Alix: All American Rejects.

Kevin: Watching letlive’s fucking mind-blowing performance.

(Manny hands us some Slam Dunk Dollars)

Manny: It’s a gift, you can keep it or spend it.

HTS: Who are your main influences?

Alix: Pierce The Veil. Umm… who else? Maroon 5.

Kevin: My favourite band is Underoath with Aaron Gillespie.

Alix: The Used.

Manny: My favourite band is Kanye West.

Evan: Skrillex.

Alix: We go all across the board.

HTS: They’re all pretty recent bands!

Alix: Well we wanna stay relevant! No, I feel like it’s a cultural thing too like when I was a lot younger obviously there was like Taking Back Sunday and Thrice were like crackin’. And Saosin, they obviously changed me musically but I don’t really bang it out now.

Kevin: We were definitely banging out Saosin earlier today!

Alix: Kinda helps keeps thing fresh though when you go back to older stuff and reference that like “oh that’s still sick.”

Kevin: And it’s cool to listen back to, like I used to be obsessed with Fall Out Boy and I don’t realise how much Patrick Stump’s vocal style influenced me without me realising it, it’s just something that’s ingrained in me as an influence.


HTS: Ghost Town Tuesdays are back! How did that idea come about?

Kevin: Ghost Town Tuesdays are back! Well basically when we all formed in Hollywood it was like ”hey let’s put out a song a week” and everyone’s like “yeah, fuck yeah” then we put out a song a week and gave it away for free, and Alister also painted a cover a week for every song like a joint effort of just grindin’ it out every single Tuesday. And sometimes we would work up so far to the wire that we finish a song and 20 minutes later release it. And every week it just built and built and built.

Alix: And charted, on iTunes.

Kevin: Oh yeah. And then we were so just broke out of our minds and trying to buy sandwiches every day that, we still wanted to put them on YouTube for free, but we put them on iTunes and the second we put them on iTunes it hit no.11 on the electronic charts. So that was really cool.


HTS: Your new album The After Party is out next week! [OUT NOW!] Tell us more about the album.

Kevin: It’s definitely the most refined best work we’ve done so far as a band. It’s the darkest stuff we’ve done, it’s very very moody. That’s something I know our ghosts weren’t expecting.

Alix: If you listen to the songs and listen to the lyrics there’s a very strong emotional message to all of it. We wanted to take people somewhere.


HTS: Speaking of “after parties”. Are you party people?

Kevin: We have a good time.

Alix: We like to hang out, we like to make friends. Our bandwagon is the chill bandwagon.

Evan: I’m pretty secret agent, I lay low.

Kevin: Manny and I turn up sometimes.


HTS: This isn’t the first time you’ve been to the UK, what’s’ your favourite thing about coming here?

Evan: Booze bars.

Alix: Sandwiches. How green it is.

Kevin: Nandos.

Alix: All the kids are awesome too!


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