Gerard Way working on new musical project?

Here at HTS, it was with huge sadness to learn of the news of MCR’s ending. But, we must move on, and it seems like the guys are too. Outside of Ray Toro’s “Isn’t That Something” (which you can listen to here), Frank Iero’s new project with My Chem keyboardist James Dewees (Death Spells) and his own tracks (the latest, ‘Joyriding’, can be heard here), and Mikey Way’s upcoming music with New London Fire’s Dave Debiak, Gerard Way has seemed relatively quiet on the new project front. Until now!

Since the split, Gerard has been insanely active on Twitter (@gerardway), often dropping hints about his want to make new music. Most of those are replying with “no collaborations” to hopeful fans, BUT he also let slip he was not currently in LA. This, along with “Selfie Friday’s” of himself with a guitar in a makeshift studio (below), seem to suggest that time is now!

The clincher though, is the brand new picture of G in what appears to be a studio (below).

So, it looks like an announcement might be just around the corner. Keep it here…














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