Fighting Fiction @ The Old Blue Last 19/2/14 ★★★☆☆




Lost Ground brought an interesting tone to the evening, standing out as a band with style as well as substance. The guitars and vocals were heavy, with frontman Jamie Dewhirst performing on the floor in the midst of the audience. They were energetic and brimming with confidence that made their set lively, memorable and thoroughly enjoyable.


1959296_629919773723763_467964695_nFollowing them were four piece Cold Summer. Having already supported the likes of Funeral for a Friend and Blitz Kids, their performance held high expectations – ones they did not disappoint in the slightest.  With superb growls and strong choruses that illustrated their loud, post hardcore roots, they delivered a flawless set. Vocalist Dan Feast also performed from the centre of the crowd, demanding undivided attention which they entirely deservedly had no trouble gaining. These are a band that are clearly going to go far.

Fighting Fiction took to the stage next, delivering their brand of catchy pop punk that was relentlessly energetic and tirelessly absorbing. Their songs are delivered with such passion and almost a tinge of anger that created an entirely riveting set. With powerful guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics, Fighting Fiction are a band that clearly show British pop punk is not to be ignored.