FEATURE: Hesitant Aliens review Gerard Way’s UK tour


November isn’t a great month. Crisp cold air, making scarves (and socks) very necessary. It’s definitely not the weather for queueing, but thousands of fans still did, for the chance to catch their hero, Gerard Way, up close, on his first solo UK tour.

Here at Hit The Scene, we’re interested in the music you care about, and in doing so; your opinions on it. So we decided to let a few fans (we’re calling them ‘Hesitant Aliens’) take the reins, and write about their experiences at the shows. Emotional, awe-inspiring, and downright awesome, their stories are what makes music worthwhile. Read ’em and weep.



In the cold, small hours of November 5th. devoted fans had already started to line the pavement with blankets and beverages and things to last them the night whilst eagerly awaiting the arrival of former “My Chemical Romance” frontman; Gerard Way. As the day progressed. the queue grew longer and by late afternoon trailed down the street and well around the corner, the type of devotion that would be expected for stars such as David Bowie, the likes of which seem to have inspired Way’s latest album “Hesitant Alien”

As the fans filed into the venue, cold but ever enthusiastic Darlia took to the stage, a sounds perhaps closely relatable to The Smashing Pumpkins and often with slightly Oasis-esque vocals which won over Gerard’s adoring fans.

As the fans awaited their hero, hushed murmurs could be heard through the crowd and chanting and singing. Finally the lights went low and the ever Charismatic Gerard Way took to the stage, dressed head to toe in a suit, looking rather dapper with his stage persona comparable to that of the late Freddy Mercury. As he finished the opening track “The Bureau” his fans raised their hands revealing a huge crowd of “Thank You” written in sharpie; showing that there was no love lost from his former glory days of My Chemical Romance. Next came what can only be described as a fan favourite “Action Cat” and as Way tore through his set, despite the album having been out only little over a month his ever-adoring fans sang along to every word. The only time the crowd fell silent was when Gerard threw in a James Cecil cover of “The Water is Wide” as the fans listened in awe and his vocals filled the room.

Finally Gerard closed the show with a cover of “Snakedriver” in which a few fans joined in, a homage to the musicians that had inspired Gerard’s solo album. As Gerard left the stage fans chanted his name and clapped and stamped until the floor felt as thought it was shaking, finally to the delight of the crowd he emerged to sing a song that isn’t on the album named “Dasher” before leaving the stage for good.

As the night drew later many fans waited eagerly at the barrier in hope to meet their idol. Finally a sleepy looking Gerard emerged to sign for and talk to his clearly overwhelmed fans who showered Way with praise, letters and gifts, a love that certainly wasn’t one-sided as Gerard took the time to meet each and every fan that waited inside the venue, hug them and talk to them individually, thankful for each and every one of them. As the night drew to a close it was clear that Way had risen from the ashes of his former band’s glory with something incredible that could immortalize him as one of history’s great frontmen with a relationship with the fans like no other.

– Alex Keymer


There’s a certain kind of energy in the room before an artist takes the stage. Most of the time it’s an explosive mix of anticipation, euphoria, and tension. Some people stare wide-eyed, some have the biggest smiles on their faces. The energy at the O2 Academy in Oxford as the crowd awaits Gerard Way on thursday night summed up in one word? Positive. Everyone is happy.

And as the lights finally go out and Gerard’s band The Hormones start playing before the singer steps in front of the mic, it becomes pretty obvious that this positive energy bounces back and forth between him and the fans. Right from the beginning there’s not only interaction, there’s exchange; through the music, and whenever Gerard speaks directly to the audience. ‘Hesitant Alien’ might not be a concept album but Way is on a mission to share ‘good vibes’, encourage creativity, positivity, and most importantly empowers his fanbase to be themselves and be proud of it. Bold statements aren’t necessary, yet they always sound sincere. Just like the music itself. It is noisy, messy, fuzzy, at times; it might go against expectations, yet it is Gerard’s. And somehow, it not only works, it fits. Perhaps by not fitting at all.

– Anna Milanollo


Lola De Grunt
Lola De Grunt


I had been queuing for 17 hours when the security finally let us in to the venue, it had been a cold and long day so we were all very ready to see our hero live. The support act, a band named Darlia kicked off, and they did an alright job.

The real fun began when Gerard’s bandmembers – also known as the Hormones – came on stage and started playing the intro of ‘The Bureau’. The crowd went mental when Gerard finally appeared, he was so energetic and his voice was perfect. Sadly, there were some technical problems that had to be fixed, in Gerard words; ‘the drums sounded like a wet farting noise’. Gerard spend a lot of time interacting with the crowd, which was amazing. He spoke about young women and the difficulties they have to go through, about body shaming and mental illness. There was this huge disco ball hanging in the venue, and Gerard demanded the tech guys to turn it on, which made everything look even more special.

He put his heart and his soul into every single song, and the crowd sang along as loud as they could.

– Lola de Grunt


Arriving on stage in trademark suit and tie, Gerard launched straight into The Bureau from the Hesitant Alien album. With his backing band, The Hormones, at full throttle he launched seamlessly into the high energy Action Cat and Zero Zero.

Picking up the pink feather boa which was thrown on stage by a fan, he grinned and laughed saying “I can’t sing in these they’re restrictive and hot, just like the sleep scarf”. Getting the reference [from Twitter], the audience went wild.

With the audience firmly in his grasp like a conductor with a baton, Gerard prowled the stage with an energy and sassiness that showed he owned it. The fans responded in kind by jumping around and singing their hearts out to each song.

He finished the set with Jesus and Mary Chain’s Snake Driver, which was rapturously received, an encored with Dasher – girl and reindeer love.

After seeing him at his first solo headlining gig at Portsmouth’s Wedgewood Rooms where he was taking his first steps of his solo career, to Cardiff where his stagecraft skills honed from his MCR days still shone through. He was confident, relaxed and seems to have grown into a solo performer with style and stature

 – Beth Cottee



After queuing for 8 hours in the rain, the venue was a warm welcome, as was being one row from the barrier. Darlia kicked the show off with a grungy, bass-y bang, “I’ve Never Been To Ohio” is still stuck in my head after a week and a half! Definitely would recommend giving these guys a listen when their album drops.

Never have I ever been so excited for an entrance than I was in that moment. The Hormones mounted the stage first and lead into “The Bureau” while the entire venue screamed and whistled. And then he walked out, clad in the appropriate Hesitant Alien blue suit, pink shirt and striped tie, and the room exploded. As expected, Gerard fell into his stage persona like a duck takes to water; giving inspirational snippets between songs, and making a lot of people cry (myself included) during the intro and performance of Drugstore Perfume. Action Cat, No Shows and Maya the Psychic were entirely mesmerising, Gerard’s vocals being perfect to a ‘T’ exactly as you would expect, and even on top form despite his (utterly fabulous) dad-dancing.

It’s funny how an hour can just slip past when you’re having the most insane, surreal experience of your life. After fast-paced chants of “GERARD WAY” the band returned for an entertaining encore about a “girl who works in Starbucks who fell in love with a reindeer” according to Gerard, which, unsurprisingly, went down a hit.

A total plus on what had already been one of the best days of my life was that Gerard was able to sign behind the venue for a while. Beyond what I expected, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to spend 30 seconds with him, and I can confirm he is everything you’d hope he is; a real gent. I managed to sneak a picture after we spoke, but I’m hoping I might get another chance to take a proper one soon (ROLL ON JANUARY!)

 – Lauren Watts



I saw Gerard at KOKO in London and I can safely say it was the best night of my life. Gerard is my inspiration and idol, so having the opportunity to see him perform was incredible. He started his set with ‘The Bureau’ and ended with ‘No Shows’, but came back out for an encore called ‘Dasher’ which he told us was about a worker at Starbucks who falls in love with a reindeer… It was weirdly amazing. Gerard talked about how proud he is of the people who aren’t afraid to be themselves; this is something I am so grateful for because he inspires me to be whoever I want to be. He also mentioned that he had made every crowd promise him they will never comment negatively on another person’s body, he really tried to connect with us and I loved that.

He has definitely not lost his performance skills from his MCR days; he loses himself in the music and still does the ‘putting his hands in the air and shaking them’ thing. You could feel that he meant every word he sang, the atmosphere he created was amazing. Thank you to Gerard for the best night of my life and one I will never forget.

 – Georgie O’Neill


Vikki Armstrong
Vikki Armstrong


Travelling to London for Gerard Way’s show was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The crowd was buzzing once we got inside KOKO, everyone pushing to get a better view of the eccentric frontman, and you could feel the energy in the air. The first band, Darlia, were pretty good. I found myself being reminded of The Charlatans, but heavier, and Chantal Claret was amazing. She didn’t fail in her task of working up the crowd, she had the whole building jumping, and by the time her set was over, the anticipation of Gerard was suffocating.

The wait was worth it. Gerard put on one hell of a show, powering through his album and working the crowd up with his famous ‘sass’. Even when he received an onslaught of socks from the crowd, he was undettered.

He had the crowd dancing and bouncing, singing every single word and he moved a fair few people to tears during his performance of “Piano Jam”, a song that really proved his talents, but the real winner of the night was No Shows. I could barely hear Gerard as the crowd sang so loud, it was incredible!

Gerard Way is still one of the greatest frontmen the world has seen.

– Vikki Armstrong


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this piece. HTS xo

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7 Bands That Make You Proud To Be An American

Copyright: http://binglishart.com/
Copyright: http://binglishart.com/

Ah the 4th of July. A day to feel proud of your country, America. A day to watch firework displays, eat hotdogs, and reflect on the War of Independence. But there’s more to being a proud American than eating and war; what about the music?!

Here’s 7 bands sure to make you feel proud to be an American.
(Warning: patriotism may apply)

1. Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters rose like a phoenix (‘MURICA) from the ashes of Nirvana (cry) to become possibly the biggest band in modern rock. With hilarious music videos (c’mon, Learn To Fly?! F*cking legendary) and stadium-obliterating anthems galore, Foo Fighters are definitely drinks-raising-worthy.

2. Marilyn Manson

Controversial, but bear with us. Still hated and branded as the devil in many European countries (Russia we’re looking at you) Brian Warner has paved the way for “mainstream” goth. His approach to music is much like a hitman’s approach to killing: violent and financially solvent. The Ohio native gave us the beauty of the ‘Tainted Love’ video (literal bunny babes, anyone?) as well as giving the earth the chance to view the palest/most radiant couple to ever exist in his pairing with Dita Von Teese (RIP dat love). Be proud, goths of America. This man is your messiah.

3. Aerosmith

Aerosmith rocked the faces off 80,000 people at Download Festival last month, and no one did it better than a barely-aging Steven Tyler in a saintly white ensemble, and confusing us with his weird attractiveness (he’s old enough to be our Dad, stop it brain). From the crop of the REAL “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll” bands of the 60s and 70s, Aerosmith IS American rock music.

4. Guns N’ Roses
2595208_Guns_N_Roses_old photo

At the height of their powers, they were the biggest band in the world, and Axl Rose‘s headbands were the envy of every blonde-permed woman in the United States. Let’s be honest, everyone knows who Slash is (even though he is in fact BRITISH), and he’s even been honoured as a Santa-like mythical being in South Park. Doesn’t get much prouder than that. 

5. Steel Panther

The most sexually promiscuous men on the planet, they’ve had sex with more women than all the men in the world combined; if that ain’t a reason to be proud I don’t know what is. Reeking of Vegas and LA, Steel Panther‘s music lewd, rude, and crude, but also insanely brilliant. Stand tall America, Steel Panther came from your loins. 

6. Green Day
UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 01:  Photo of Billie Joe ARMSTRONG and GREEN DAY and Tre COOL and Mike DIRNT; L-R. Mike Dirnt, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool  (Photo by Nigel Crane/Redferns)

Politically charged and social-minded, Green Day re-invented pop-punk, and paved the way for a new wave of American citizens (ones who weren’t “American Idiot“‘s). They may not be the most patriotic bunch around, but they sure know how to pen a song. Plus the “Wake Me Up When September Ends” video makes us cry evry tiem.

10. Nickleback

Just kidding. They aren’t even American.

The MCRmy set to celebrate #revenge10 in London


On June 7th, hundreds of My Chemical Romance fans will congregate at the Barfly in London to celebrate 10 years since the release of MCR’s breakthrough album ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ (released June 8, 2004). Not much has changed in the MCR fanbase since the band’s split; they still love them, and they still want to celebrate their music. The MCRmy remains as loyal and true as they were 10 years ago. Their loyalty is paying off too, as Waterstones have agreed to provide the attendees with an exclusive pre-release of new MCR biography by Tom Bryant‘s; ‘The True Lives of My Chemical Romance’, on sale on the day for £12.99, and signed by the author himself, who will be in attendance.

But this isn’t just a chance to grab their new biog and meet other fans; this is a Charity event supported by ex-members Frank Iero, Ray Toro & James Dewees who have sent amazing items for a raffle, with all proceeds going to Make A Wish UK.


We caught up with the amazing lady behind this event (and many other MCR meet-ups) Caz Hill, to ask her all about this fantastic day;

HTS: Hi Caz! Tell us how the idea came about for this meet-up/anniversary celebration? And how has it been organising such an event?

The venue on June 7

Caz: This is my 6th charity meet up with the UK MCRmy- it all began at a fan meetup in London in support of the band when they released the charity single, #SINGitforJapan, following the tsunami. Following the success of the first collection, Lauren Valencia contacted me via Twitter saying the band would like to support future events, and offered to send items for us to auction by ticket (in the UK we call this a ‘raffle’). The band signed posters and sent tons of merch which were used for meetups in London and Edinburgh, plus the party celebrating the bands 10 years together. The next big event was to mark the 10th anniversary of Bullets release – the band once again sent signed items, merch and the incredible Ghost drawing, which we are auctioning again this time. The wonderful fans turned up in their hundreds and raised over £2,000 at the Bullets meet ($3349 approx.) and the grand total so far is over £4,000.

We always planned to have a Revenge anniversary party – everyone wanted to go ahead even though the band have now split. I’ve been in touch with Tom for a few years, and we decided it would be a good place to launch his book. The publishers and Waterstones have been very helpful, as have the Barfly management and Kerrang! Magazine in helping promote.
It’s taken around 3 months to pull it all together, its been fun. I’ve missed having the bands manager to organise things from their side, but Ray, Frank & James have been total heroes and done all the packaging and posting themselves this time!


HTS: The input from Ray, Frank and James has been phenomenal. They seem to support the event & have donated items for the raffle (proceeds go to Make A Wish) are you glad they support the idea, and what does that mean to you and the fans?

Some of the items available in the raffle

Caz: For me, its an opportunity to bring fans together. The added bonus is that we raise money for the UK Make A Wish Foundation. Ray, James and Frank have donated incredible, unique, awesome items. They went out of their way to reach out, offering their support. I cant thank them enough. Their big hearts, and continuing kindness to the fan base is mind blowing.
Ray’s quote means the world to us all : “it is nice to see the legacy of the band live on in that manner”.

HTS: Tell us what ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ means to you personally as an album, and why fans should celebrate its 10 years.

Caz: Three Cheers was the landmark album for the band and fans. Probably the best time looking back. The album means an incredible amount to fans.  Personally it contains my favourite track when played Live – Prison. Fans in this country need no excuse for a meetup! There is amazing support still for the band here. Everyone bugged the shit out of me to mark the 10th anniversary. I had promised it at the Bullets meetup – so this is it. There was no doubt that the fans would come.


HTS: As well as the raffle, you’re also going to have copies of the new MCR biography by Tom Bryant available from Waterstones (12 days before actual release) as well as Tom himself there to sign the books. What are you expecting from the book, which is promised as a true insight and their best biography to date?


Caz: Tom Bryant is a genius with words, and a true MCR aficionado- he has interviewed them from their early days to the end. There is quite simply no-one who is more qualified to write the definitive MCR autobiography. They trust him. I trust him. I can’t wait to read it, I know he will do them proud.


HTS: Why should fans attend your event?

Caz: Fans should come along to support the generosity of Ray, Frank and James! To help make wishes come true for sick and terminally ill children.


HTS: Are there similar events happening the US? Are you expecting any overseas attendees?

Caz: I’ve had interest from Euro fans, not sure if they’re able to attend though.  There are no plans in the US – its just too vast a place to organise one event.

HTS: Are you going to put on a similar event in 2016 for The Black Parade’s 10 year? 

Caz: This is my last meetup – I really hope someone else organises a celebration for 10 years of Parade because what a phenomenal album that was! I can’t imagine life without that album!


There’s still time to get down to Caz’s event on June 7! Check out the Facebook event here; MCRmy #revenge10 meet-up & book launch party

10 Things NOT To Do At A Gig

Seeing your fave band live on stage is the ultimate experience for any music fanatic. But thousands of people all crammed into the same, sweaty room isn’t good for anybody. So here are our top ten tips of how to not piss on thousands of people’s parades.

1. Mosh Pits not Tits

We fully support gender equality and girls who shy from the razor, and if a gal can do it right and own the pit (which we do see OFTEN), we’re all for it. But when some Barbie wannabe comes skipping into the middle of the pit and breaks a nail, she’ll be the first to run home and cry to Daddy. You may think you belong in a pit, but sweetie you’d look far better in a gutter. Back down and leave it to the pros.


2. One Man Army

You’re stood there, nodding along, clutching your lukewarm beer and minding your own business when before you know it, some f*cker is thrashing his arms and legs in a pathetic attempt to start his own little pit. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us, sonny. The front is for movers, the back is for drinkers and the gutter is where you’ll be if you carry on your one-man mosh pit.


3. Less talking, more…not talking

We can feel your breath in our ears but we can’t hear a single word coming out of your mouth darlin’. But it doesn’t matter, conversation rarely varies from “OHMYGAD I LOVE THIS SONG” to “ohmygad I hate this song.” The only lips we want to be reading tonight are the frontman’s, thanks.


 4. Miss The Piss

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. But must you insist on throwing your ‘go’ over our heads? If it’s cold, it’s beer, if it’s warm…hygiene and dignity are both washed away as you find yourself drenched in some 40-something year old’s piss because he couldn’t hold his peepee in. P.S. Shoutout to the girls who use a ‘she-wee’ you beautifully disgusting tramps you.


5. iPhone, uDie

We are generation-Y, but Y the fuck won’t you put down your phone and just enjoy the show? We don’t wanna watch the entirety of the show through the camera on your iPhone thanks. It may get you a few likes on Facebook, but the only ‘followers’ you’ll earn here, are those wanting to beat the shit outta you.


6. Two’s A Crowd

So the world smells of roses (vom), morning’s are wonderful (ew) and you finally lost your virginity. But that doesn’t mean you have to display this to the whole damn world, and by world we mean whatever venue you’re holed up in. He’ll be holding her from behind no doubt, which aside from making accidentally-on-purpose falling on him (and consequently her) a whole lot more satsifying, there really is no need. You’re putting on a show of your own and really attracting the wrong kind of audience.


7. Curfew Dodgers

Does your mother know you’re here and out past your bedtime kiddo? While we respect the fact that you’re spending your pocket money on gig tickets, you’re a little too young to see some of the sights you will tonight. Especially if you’re at a Steel Panther show. Leave the gigs to the grown ups, or at least  the over 12’s.


8. Whale Surfing

We’re all for excess amounts of food on a daily basis, BELIEVE us. But if that excess food suddenly decides to plunge it’s sweaty rolls onto the poor unsuspecting crowd, then we’re a little less inclined. Prepare for the beginnings of a romantic relationship between you and the sticky venue floor. Hint; it does not end well.


9. Remember, sober people don’t forget

Yeah, that guy. They’ve had a few too many and if they can make it to the bar they will probably have a few too many more. And credit to ‘em. So can we stop with the sober snobbery of dirty looks and audible ‘tuts’ just because some dude needed to drink to put up with the shitty band on stage. Besides, if you’re watching them more than the band you so desperately want to see, can’t be that good can they?


10. Sweaty Betty

We get it; you’re dark and mysterious and nobody understands you. But dude, take a bath every once in a while. Asses are bumping, elbows are nudging and you don’t half stink mate. Appreciate that people are gonna be getting close enough to smell what you ate for breakfast. Take a damn shower man, jeez.



So there we have it, our top 10 tips to make sure you don’t ruin anyone else’s good time, you filthy animals.

Know someone who would benefit from our tips? Share ’em on Facebook/Twitter!


5 Seconds of Summer: Redefining Pop Punk

5-seconds-of-summer-bb12-02-billboard-6505 Seconds of Summer have only released a single and an E.P. both named She Looks So Perfect, but the music world has really taken notice.

The teenage foursome from Sydney, Australia have been together since late 2011 and have won the hearts of many fans across the world with their catchy songs, their funny Instagram posts and their genuine love for their fans.

With their single and E.P. debuting at number 1 across the world including the UK, there has been much debate whether they are just another pop group or rightfully belong in a new age of pop punk.

Recently scoring a Kerrang! nomination for Best International Newcomer, waves of music listeners have dissed this decision and have not held their punches about it on social media sites simply dubbing them as “the new One Direction” and stating that 5SOS shouldn’t be covered by the magazine or considered to be in the genres that the magazine covers.

But what these commenters are forgetting is that 5SOS have achieved a lot in their short time as a band (with the oldest member being only 19) and in some cases, more than well-established bands in the pop-punk genre have done chart wise.

The band started as a lot seem to nowadays: on YouTube. Originally just a three piece of Luke Hemmings (lead vocals, lead guitar), Calum Hood (vocals, bass guitar) and Michael Clifford (vocals, guitar), the band only added drummer Ashton Irwin to the mix in December 2011 when they needed a drummer for a show.

Covering songs from Mayday Parade and All Time Low to Adele and Ed Sheeran, they supported their first major band Nashville pop rockers Hot Chelle Rae in late 2012 on their New Zealand and Australia leg of their Whatever World Tour.

After writing new material with McFly, Nick Hodgson from The Kaiser Chiefs and James Bourne from Busted, they went on to open for One Direction on their UK, US, New Zealand and Australian legs of their Take Me Home tour in 2013.

Now this is where all the One Direction comparisons start happening;  they are both bands of young men, they have achieved global success in a short space of time, and have elements of pop about their sound. However, 5 Seconds of Summer play all their own instruments, which puts them into a different category.

A clever move by 5sOS;  being on tour with one of the biggest boy bands in the world (One Direction), has not only given them the platform for them to achieve great success but has given the genre a platform to be shown to a younger audience.

When have you known a band in the genre to achieve such chart success and global fame in a short space of time?

They have come along way from their humble beginnings  from Sydney,  Australia. They have had sell out headlining tours in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia; they are set to perform at the Billboard Music Awards this month in America and have achieved praise from singers including Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens and Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low.

5 Seconds of Summer with Alex Gaskarth & Jack Barakat of All Time Low.
L – R: Calum Hood, Alex Gaskarth, Ashton Irwin, Jack Barakat, Michael Clifford & Luke Hemmings

Alex may be a bit biased after writing  and producing with the boys recently as well as the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte, who the band have stated that they are big influences on the band’s material.

With the group’s next single and E.P. Don’t Stop set to drop on the 15th June and their yet to be named debut album coming out at the end of the year, the sky is the limit for the young Aussies.

One might say they are making the pop punk genre accessible and mainstream; they are paving the way not only for a fresh new look to the genre but for a whole new generation of fans.

24 million views on their first official music video with Capitol Records in just 2 months is almost unheard of in the genre.

Say what you want to about them, but 5SOS may just be changing the music scene. They are redefining a whole new version of pop punk that will only evolve as times change.

The ingredients to a great pop-punk band is a great amount of personality, original writing, loud guitars, songs that could be easily played on the radio without losing the speed and attitude of the genre, passion and a lot of love.

And this, my friends, is 5 Seconds of Summer to a T.

We here at Hit The Scene are 110% behind these adorable pop-punkers and are extremely proud of their recent successes. They are always welcome here!

Bands To Watch in 2014

So much music out there and so little time to listen to it all!

We feel your pain here!

With loads of new bands coming left, right and centre and being HUGE music listeners ourselves at Hit The Scene; we thought that we should tell you the bands that we love who we think are going to be big this year!


Name & role in HTS: Katie – Editor
Band chosen:
Stereo Juggernaut
Where did you discover them:
I met the singer at a show for his old band in Sheffield about a year ago
Sounds like:
Devin Townsend beating the shit out of Placebo
Who else is talking about them:
Everyone in London!
Description of the band and its history:
Stereo Juggernaut formed in 2010 by lead vocalist/guitarist Ben Main and drummer Reuben O’Donoghue. After several line-up changes the band is now more solid than ever with Phil Roadkill joining them on 2nd guitar and Dominic Winchesteron bass.
Mixing their blend of Alternative Rock with Hard-Dance hooks, Stereo Juggernaut are the freshest hybrid you’ll hear today. Crushing guitar work boasting classic lead-parts mixed with modern riffage. Intricate, lyrical, and primitive rhythms fused with pounding, melodic bass-lines and synths reminiscent of filthy underground raves. They incorporate audio textures from the future, whilst maintaining a genuine, old-school guitar driven sound.
Music released so far: In 2013 Stereo Juggernaut self released their first album debut “DiscoSmack” and is available for free via bandcamp: http://stereojuggernaut.bandcamp.com/album/disco-smack
What’s coming up for them: Stereo Juggernaut have a busy year ahead of them and are currently recording a new e.p which is set for release in April 2014.
You can catch them live at The Intrepid Fox on the 27th of March alongside Fuckshovel, 12th of April at Plus one Klub in Stockholm, Sweden, 19th of April at Camden Underworld supporting Apoptygma Berzerk, and Camden Rocks Festival on the 31st of May alongside The Blackout/Ginger Wildheart/Generation Graveyard and Orange Goblin.
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: Their thirst for bitchin’ beats and royal contingent of fans prove their worth in this harsh industry.


Band chosen: Echo Park
Where did you discover them: They emailed me for an EP review some months ago, and I was so enthralled by their sound that they made a fan that day!
Sounds like: Futures and Deaf Havana made a baby that rebelled and listened to Dashboard Confessional.
Who else is talking about them: Tom Robinson at BBCR6 seems to be a fan…
Description of the band and its history:  Echo Park are a five-piece alternative rock band emerging from Guildford, Surrey. Having only been together shy of year they have just released their debut EP ‘Deluge’ which features the anthemic single ‘Circles’ previously released.
Music released so far: Deluge – Debut EP
What’s coming up for them: Gigging throughout the country, and performing new material
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: Their sound is beautiful yet raw, and their persistence admirable and subtle.


Name & Role in Hit The Scene: Sarah – Head Writer
Band chosen: 5 Seconds of Summer
Where did you discover them: YouTube and seeing them support One Direction!  (Don’t judge!)
Sounds like: Pop rock with fun and All Time Low vibes
Who else is talking about them: Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, Radio 1 and social media users around the world!
Description of the band and its history: Forming in 2011, the band has gone from doing covers on their YouTube channel to supporting Hot Chelle Rae and having their own sell-out headlining tour in the UK, Europe USA and Australia!
Music released so far: She Looks So Perfect E.P. and single
What’s coming up for them: HMV signing tour, headlining tour in Europe, USA and Australia and supporting One Direction for their UK and US dates
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: Their official debut single and E.P. is number 1 in the UK, if that isn’t indications of bigger things for this band I don’t know what is!


Name & role in HTS: Joshua Clarke / Writerpolar
Band chosen: Polar.
Where did you discover them: A friend of mine suggested them as he is an absolute fan boy haha.
Sounds like: Hearing about the end of the world whilst stepping on an upturned plug.
Who else is talking about them: Kerrang, Metal Hammer, everyone at a UK hardcore gig.
Description of the band and its history: Started up in 2009, Polar have been on the UK touring circuit for a long time now and have released two EP’s and two albums in that time. The band is made up of Adam Woodford (Vocals), Fabian Lomas (Guitar), Nick Jones (Drums), Chris Stockings (Bass) and finally newly recruited guitarist, Jag Jago (formerly of The Ghost of a Thousand). They’re also signed to In At The Deep End Records. Bassist Chris has shot and directed the last few music videos of the band which is naturally good for the band as it gives them free reign and creativity to express themselves in a visual outlet.
Music released so far: This Polar Noise (2011), Iron Lungs (2012), Inspire Create Destroy (2013)Shadowed by Vultures (2014).
What’s coming up for them: A current run of the UK is underway and they also have a slot at the prestigious Download Festival and on the Total Uprawr Stage at Redfest in Surrey. But apart from that their summer and second half of the year is being played close to their chests at the moment. I’m sure more announcements will be made soon enough.
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: They’ve released a stormer of an album Shadowed by Vultures and have recently finished a European jaunt with Counterparts, Being as an Ocean and Hundredth which was a big deal not only for them but for the UK scene in general. Getting a home-grown talent on a bill like that will help shape the hardcore scene for the near future and puts the band themselves in good stead.


Name & role in HTS: Nightingveil PALAYE-ROYALE
Band chosen: Palaye Royale
Where did you discover them: Twitter
Sounds like: The Animals, The Stones, The Strokes, My Chemical Romance; influenced by Bowie
Who else is talking about them: Samsung; They are highlighted in 2013 Galaxy Note commercials.
Description of the band and its history: Originally formed in 2008 under another name, the combination changed to the current PalayeRoyale name in 2011, and includes core members Remington Leith (vocals), Emerson Barrett (drums, accordion, tambourine), and Sebastian Danzig (organist and guitarist), along with newer addition, Joel Eliasson (guitarist) . Although you would be surprised by listening to them, this band is indie in the sense they write their own music and lyrics, direct and produce their own videos (including twenty-two ‘day in the life of the band’ videos, and The Ballroom Sessions). The band also runs its own social media sites.
Music released so far: ‘Morning Light’ debut single w/video on March 7, 2012, ‘Get Higher’ second single w/video, a six-song EP called ‘The Ends Beginning’ (most with black and white art videos), and songs embedded into the studio sessions that have yet to be released.
What’s coming up for them: Currently, the band is seeking to be signed by a major label, but they are recording a fifteen-track album in March.
Why do you think they’ll be big this year: The members have backgrounds in classical music, which lends itself to the band to creating breath-taking compositions, while managing to layer these into truly original arrangements far from the norm-this has the result of breaking them out of the mould of most other musicians in the genre. With an existing Twitter following of 130k people, and Facebook Likes of nearly 95k, the band is already poised for notice, and they haven’t even been signed to a label yet. Before illness forced her to cancel the SnoCore Tour just last month, Taylor Momsen had chosen the band to open.

Name & role in HTS: Jordan – Writer Catfish
Band chosen:
Catfish and the Bottlemen
Where did you discover them:
BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record of the Week
Sounds like:
An indie Deaf Havana
Who else is talking about them:
BBC’s Hottest Record of the Week and played BBC Introducing Stage Reading & Leeds Festival 2013
Description of the band and its history:
A four piece from the UK with explosive catchy chorus’.
Music released so far:
The band have released 4 singles: Rango, Homesick, Pacifier & Kathleen
What’s coming up for them:
Currently touring the UK and recording an album for August/September release
Why do you think they’ll be big this year:
BBC have supported them and they’re releasing an album later in the year. (And if it’s anywhere near as good as their singles then it’ll be huge!)

Band chosen: Royal BloodRoyal Blood
Where did you discover them:
Sounds like:
The White Stripes, The Black Keys
Who else is talking about them:
BBC awarded them with BBC Sound of 2014
Description of the band and its history:
A British rock duo formed in 2013 in Brighton. The band’s sound is reminiscent and rooted in modern garage rock and blues rock
Music released so far:
‘Out Of The Black’ single & ‘Little Monster’ single
What’s coming up for them:
Reading & Leeds Festival 2014
Why do you think they’ll be big this year:
They’re completely unique consisting of simply bass guitar and drums, whilst delivering earth shaking riffs. 

Albums Of The Week (24th February)

While February may be cold and bitter, these releases certainly aren’t! Check out this weeks top droppings below;

CD front - med

Gnarwolves – Chronicles Of Gnarnia
February 24
Label: Pure Noise Records

Party Jams
No Time for Old Bones
Chlorine in the Jean Pule
History Is Bunk
We Want the Whip!
Community, Stability, Identity
A Gram Is Better Than a Damn
Oh, Brave New World
Melody Has Big Plans
Tongue Surfer
High On a Wire



Neck Deep/Knuckle Puck – Split EP
February 25
Label: Pure Noise Records

Side A
Neck Deep – “Crushing Grief (No Remedy)”
Neck Deep – “Growing Pains”

Side B
Knuckle Puck – “Gold Rush”
Knuckle Puck – “Fences”

Fake Your Death – A Fan Tribute


My Chemical Romance were an important band. Whether you love them or hate them, they left their mark on a world that couldn’t ignore it. Their last will and testament, Fake Your Death, was released on Monday, to the emotional cries of their fans; whether it was with happiness or with sadness. I reached out to fans, both who I knew well and not so well, from all over the world, to get a view many may not otherwise see on the band that were a part of all our lives for 12 years.
And to say a final goodbye.

So here are 12 pieces, for 12 years; to thank, to explain, to justify. We love you.



Deb (@Nightingveil)

Fake Your Death kills. It seems a reply to several songs that long-time fans already love: Our Lady of Sorrows, Disenchanted, The Light Behind Your Eyes, Desert Song, and Kill All Your Friends. In this, it spans the entire discography, even including B-Sides that those outside the fandom probably never heard. That alone, is amazing.

In sound? Primarily piano, and a bit of hand clapping, with Gerard Way being supported vocally by Frank Iero. Some fans are considering it plain, but it’s not. It’s quiet and stripped down, like many early songs were, and it’s raw, and honest, and beautiful. While the grand scale of later offerings was gorgeous, for this closing; it was precious to have the voices return.

Bullets was on Eyeball, and not a major label. What might have been done to alter the genius, none of us will probably ever know, and maybe that’s best. This is MCR, in a way that maybe certain things hadn’t allowed them to be since those early days of writing songs to clear away pain. If by Way’s estimation Bullets was ‘broken and desperate’, Revenge was the ‘angrier’ of the two, The Black Parade placed them in a ‘stasis’ mode, and Danger Days was the album ‘some people don’t get’, then this final song is ‘release’.

‘I choose defeat. I walk away. And leave this place, the same today. Some like to sleep. We like to play.’ Despite fan outcry, sometimes you do have to walk away, just to retain pieces of who you are as a person. Our Boys can play again, and maybe that will help them find a sort of childlike happiness I’m not sure they’ve had in a very long time. It’s time to learn new lessons, and I am grateful to be able to see the changes that will come.


nick Nick (@nicksays_summer)

“Fake Your Death”, the last song recorded by world-famous rock group My Chemical Romance, is, without a doubt in my mind, one of the best songs ever released by the band. I was expecting a downer of a song, in a minor key, probably slow with piano leading, but was pleasantly surprised when I first played the song. The song is led by piano (played by auxiliary member James Dewees), and Gerard Way’s vocals. Light drums, timpani and clapping add depth to the song musically.

Lyrically, it is also one of the best songs ever recorded by MCR; the lyrics are incredibly introspective and reflective, with mellow vocals by Way that are only ever heard on their other mellow songs, such as “The Light Behind Your Eyes”. Such passages as “ ‘Cause even heroes get the blues/or any misery you choose”, as well as “You want the heart/and to be saved/but even good guys still get paid/so watch my back, and keep the blade/I think it got you laid” seem reflective about the trouble Way and other members went through during the band’s time. The chorus, “I choose defeat, and walk away/and leave this place the same today”, to me, seem to be Way saying that he’d rather have the band end on a happy note, rather than to continue and be faking happiness and joy at performing.

In my eyes, My Chemical Romance couldn’t have gone out in a more beautiful fashion. Fake Your Death gave a glimpse of a whole new My Chemical Romance, and, let me tell you, it was beautiful. The best was saved for last; FYD is easily one of the best songs. MCR will forever be a band to remember, and Fake Your Death really raises the bar when it comes to farewell songs.


t hoj

T. Hojberg (@tHoj101)

After weeks of anticipation, and a fair share of butterflies, on a cold Monday afternoon on February 17th 2014, the mature vocals, sweeping guitars, and soaring piano melodies cascade to a close on the 3 minute and 21 second power house of My Chemical Romance’s swan song Fake Your Death.

It’s important to note that before I share my reaction to this goodbye, I briefly divulge my history with the band, because I think having established a history with MCR, is really the magic behind this effort. With 11 years of tenure(as a fan) and exactly 15 MCR concerts under my belt, I’ve been lucky enough to witness My Chemical Romance grow from eye liner and ties to muscle cars and ray guns, and I’ve loved every minute of this adventure.

So naturally, when it came time to close that chapter and turn to the next page, I was met with anything but a flighty feeling. Simply put, the first time I listened to Fake Your Death I was overwhelmed with a feeling of remorse, but the second, third, fourth, and fifth time through – I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face; truly that’s always been the power of My Chemical Romance, and also why it’s hard not to smile, looking back on what they’ve accomplished.

I think it’s easy to obsess over the end, and forget about the beginning, and it goes without saying that Fake Your Death is an incredible end-thought to a brilliant idea, so I say ‘Look at all that pain,’ but do-so with a grain of salt. With My Chemical Romance, as it is with any creative endeavour – whether you want to write a book or sing a song – you can’t start the second chapter, without putting an end to the first.



Mel (@xobizzardxo)

My Chemical Romance is one of those remarkable, inspiring bands that changed lives and made people come together to form an incredible fan base, known as the MCRmy. They were, are and will always be my favorite band. After all, I call them my heroes. I’ve known about MCR since I was a little girl, but believe it or not, had just started really getting into them a few years ago.

MCR taught and showed me things that I never would have been able to figure out on my own. They were my guide through life. I am who I am today because of them. One of the greatest things My Chemical Romance has done for me among many, is that they brought me to my closest friends. I have friends I consider family now that I simply could not live without, and that is a very special thing.

My Chemical Romance didn’t just create amazing songs and music, but they put out a good message. They showed their fan base that art and imagination are important, and that they were worth something. That even in the darkest of days, there is hope.  Each of those guys had something positive to prove, and as a band they proved many things. Bringing me to say, that MCR is certainly way more than ‘just a band’. The band means a lot to me, and to many others. The heart breaking news announced on that fateful day on March 22nd 2013 gutted us all. My world seemed practically shattered. The next year would be hard, but as a family, we as the fan base got through it.

Fake Your Death immediately became the MCRmy’s anthem, the song that concluded our favorite band. From the piano intro, to the lyrics, to the guitars, as a whole it holds tremendous meaning.  Whenever I hear that song, memories will flood my mind, my heart will ache, but I will also feel comforted, and extremely proud. Proud of what My Chemical Romance has done within the course of the 12 years they were a band.

In closing, I am thankful and grateful for all My Chem  has done for me as an individual, and for what they have done all together. I love this band endlessly. My Chemical Romance is immortal, it will live on forever. Because like Gerard had said, it is not a band, but an idea.


Jessica (@MySweetReveng3)

It’s hard for me to put into words what exactly I felt the first time I listened to “Fake Your Death” (My Chemical Romance’s final release.) As a fan of MCR for the last 12+ years, the band’s breakup has had a very emotional impact on me. It’s been just about a year since the news broke and I feel as if I’ve finally came to terms with the finality of it all… which if I’m being honest with myself doesn’t make things any easier. But I accept that it’s the guys’ decision and ultimately just wish them happiness as individuals.

From the very first piano note, I knew I was in for it. Tears started to form completely out of my control. Fake Your Death is so beautifully and heartbreakingly honest. The lyrics say it all “I choose defeat, I walk away, and leave this place, the same today.” After all, these men never set out to save lives, but they did. I believe however after time went on it became an expectation. A pretty heavy weight to carry. When all was said and done these men were and always be people just like us, they suffer from the same things that we suffer from, they didn’t want to sell the idea of being saviours. The band was never in it for the money or for the fame, they helped people by giving them hope. Hope that whatever shit life or others threw at us, we could rise above it and do or be anything we wanted to be.

Nobody not even The Band itself was any different than us, the fans.. .and we helped each other through hard times just like we will continue to do for others without them. They gave us the words and the message and now it’s our turn to pass that on and Keep My Chemical Romance’s legacy alive.


My Chemical RomanceCarissa (@cmcnellen)

Full, rich sound with penetrating vocals, MCR’s last full song collaboration continues to haunt and inspire me.  While some people find the song’s mere existence depressing, I find it oddly comforting and empowering, challenging you to take stock of who you are and what you want and whether your current situation is serving you.  Be true to yourself, what you want from life, your integrity, and your vision.

It’s easy to get sidetracked in life– by the world at large, outside influences and agendas, other people in your life, and more but there’s a point when, if after digging deep within yourself, you realize what you’re doing no longer serves you, you really owe it to yourself to find the courage to choose a new direction or path where you can regain your freedom and blaze new trails.

“I choose defeat.  I walk away…”

So many of us have been raised not to be “quitters” or that it’s “right” to stick with the same situation regardless of how poorly you’re treated or how savagely it harms your spirit.  More people than not stay in jobs or relationships they hate because they’re conditioned to do so or because they can’t or too often just don’t value themselves enough to dig deep and do the extra work that would get them out of a bad situation.

To me it conveys the burden of expectation, the weight and glare of the spotlight, disappointment at misunderstood or missed messages, art taking on a life of its own, and the crushing weight of feeling the world’s pain on your shoulders.  And sometimes it just makes more sense for one project to come to an end so there’s room for a new beginning.  To me that’s its own victory.


kieranKieran (@kmrkilljoy12)

After roughly 10 years of being a My Chemical Romance fan, it’s being increasingly hard to accept they’ve finished the final chapter in their story, collectively. But what a way to close an incredible 12 year career together.

Fake Your Death absolutely tore me apart inside but yet in the strangest way the song left me feeling more cheerful than mopey.  Anyone would have predicted the band to end it all with a ballsy rock smash up, but if there is one thing I have learned from MCR, it’s that you could never expect what they’d bring next.

Lyrically the song sounds a little to me like an honest account of how the band felt during their highest points – ’cause even heroes get the blues -‘ but yet as sad as the lyrics are, the music it comes with has an upbeat feel to it.

Ultimately I think this was the perfect song for MCR to end the band with, even if at the time they didn’t know it would be their last. If the last 12 years of MCR’s career was made into a movie, it’d be action packed with their explosive soundtrack throughout, and Fake Your Death is the fade out to credits track.


kathyKathy (@kcbban)

I think if you’re stuck in the past, you miss what’s happening in the present.  With all the individual things happening for each of the guys after the MCR break up, we kind of had to just follow along so we didn’t miss anything.  It seems they were trying to help us (and themselves) move forward and sharing the time with us even at the times when nothing may have been going on other than hanging out on twitter.  Having said that, until “Fake Your Death” was released, it didn’t TRULY feel like MCR was over. I know it was by all accounts and purposes, but the song (and the video accompanying it) felt like the final send-off. Closure.

“Fake Your Death” is a beautifully written song, which seems to perfectly fit with the ending of the band. I see it as their pain, our pain, all rolled up into one. It seems to be still in the spirit of MCR — ‘we’re all in this together and we’ll get through it together’.  It’s a sad ending but at the same time uplifting. A look back at the past but leaves me hopeful for the future.

It’s almost hard to believe that the song was written when it was; that it wasn’t actually written for right now, for this closure. It’s not that I don’t believe Gerard when he says when it was written; it’s just that it seems too perfectly fitting. But then again, I believe in kismet, in everything happening when it should and for a reason. That’s the way I feel about the band.  I found their music when I was ‘supposed’ to/when I needed it most, so I guess it makes sense that this song was written when it was but ended up being the end and is here now to give us all some closure. Kismet.


 noelleNoelle (@Noelle_Horn)

If you would have told me the first time I pressed play on my beaten up CD player with Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge CD inside (that I stole from my older sister) that this band would’ve saved my life multiple times, I would’ve probably thought you were crazy. I mean, how a could a band save you? The current release of Fake Your Death, has reminded me all the answers to that question.

I can remember one night after a familiar fight with my mother that ending with her telling me I was a burden; needless to say I was broken. Any hope I had been able to manage was broken down and I was done with life, done with holding on. So I decided, to put it simply, that I would end it. I laid down on my floor and decided to listen to my favorite band one last time. I put in my Black Parade CD and Famous Last Words came on, suddenly with tears streaming down my face I was reminded why I was fighting to keep going. I listened to it on repeat until the sun came up. That was the first day I decided I would fight this fight and I was not afraid to keep on living.

When I listened to Fake Your Death for the first time, it felt like the final chapter to an era, like a wave goodbye to a good friend – finally closing the book. I felt proud of this band that went from being so angry at the world, fighting addiction, suicidal thoughts, to this legend, this era of greatness, of being happy with yourself and saying fuck the rest. I also felt proud of myself, thinking of how much I have grown from that angry girl hiding behind a smile who would lay on the ground imagining her funeral. It’s time for us to stand up tall, and stop relying on someone to be our light, and be our own light. We have the tools, the weapons, the guys taught us that, now it’s our turn. It’s time to do it now and do it loud.



Jeremy – One Last Shot (@Gerrrmmm)

My imagination ran faster than Franka Potente’s character in, “Lola Rennt”.
The thought of hearing the “last” My Chemical Romance song made my brain go into overload.
What would the style be? What would it be about? Would it be fast? Would it be slow? On and on my mind went to work.  In conclusion, I theorized this “last” MCR song would be reminiscent of Three Cheers. When hearing the first note of the, “Fake Your Death” video… I could tell my theory was very wrong. The song played…  the video brought me to each and every memory of the band I cherish… then it ended.

I sat there. Silent.

Gerard said this was MCR’s “eulogy”. He nailed it. That’s exactly what it was. I played the song again. After listening a second time, I had the same reaction. I repeated this process a few more times.
This is the band that gave me and millions of fans who also followed them, hope, inspiration, and most importantly amazing music.
Though part of me wants to believe my theory I stated earlier, after hearing this song… It truly feels like a song that would be played as a soundtrack for the end.
Fans can only hope that maybe the song title really does have a deeper meaning.



lexiLexi (@_LexiWright_)

“We are My Chemical….Romance!”

Simply hearing those words at a show evokes all the memories I have associated with this bands music; I have experienced growing up, being isolated, bullied, not believing in myself, pain, heartbreak, confusion, manic depression, anxiety, addiction and love all with their songs. I love this band because they were a constant, secure thing I could hold on to & rely on in a time where I had nothing else. I grew up with this band & their happiness & security within themselves grew at the same time mine did.

Fake Your Death is a beautiful example of looking back & realising everything you have survived, that you are okay to walk away from that pain, that despite the fact it will always be a part of you…You have overcome. I’ve listened to it numerous times, and everything about it, the riff, piano, vocals exude that they’re appreciative to every fan for supporting them in their dreams, for reciprocating the feeling that they are not alone either.

Of course I will miss My Chemical Romance. I know when I’m super old & driving my grandkids on an adventure, they’ll come on the radio & because I saw and understood (much like others did) the complications & self doubt that depression and addiction brings, how gutsy it must have been to get up there and lay bare everything they felt for the world to hear, not for just their own sake but for others to know they had something to reach out to – I will get that same feeling of pride that swells in my chest.

Nothing makes me happier than to see you happy.

“Continue to fail. If you want to make art you have to fail. And so, the artist’s job is to fail better”


katieKatie – Editor of Hit The Scene (@CruellaLives) 

When you love something you never want it to end.

For me, My Chemical Romance were a light at the end of the tunnel in a blackness I couldn’t escape from in my teenage years. Their songs and messages carried me through a time where (and I know I’m not alone in this); I couldn’t see hope.

Through them, I met some of my best friends, friends who I live and breathe for.  I thank them for that. I thank them for the shows, and the speeches. And I thank them for the strength and determination and most of all, the inspiration.

They are the reason I can write this piece today, and gather my friends together to help me. They are the reason I believed enough to put every ounce of myself into this site, and do what I’ve always wanted to do. I thank them for that the most.

Fake Your Death is the perfect ending. The first piercing piano note wells up in your eyes; the almost euphoric feeling is instant. It’s a weird tightening in your chest, happy and sad all at once. As the clapping refrain melts into the vocals; it is less a funeral, and more a celebration. The lyrics tell you their story, whether it is still true today or not; it moves, it thinks, it feels. FYD is a cauldron being watched over by a good witch; she pours in Revenge, she drops in Bullets, she sprinkles in Danger.

Fake Your Death encapsulates everything My Chem were, are, and evolved into over their short decade and a bit. It is also a window into what they could have been.

It serves as a reminder that, in one last agonising day on Twitter, all of us – the MCRmy were there for each other, and are a group of people brought together by creativity and love.

And you could never “leave this place the same today”. If the graffiti they write on your grave is anything, it’ll be this –

You changed everything.



The Grammys Rock Round-Up

grammAh yes, that time of year has crept upon us once again as artists and their teams all annually clamber into the Staples Center in LA; a room filled with talent, ego, over-practiced losing faces and painfully gorgeous ball gowns. Oh, and Pharrell’s hat.

In a world where Hannah Montana is shaking her skinny white ass on worldwide television, it is such a relief to see music didn’t die along with her dignity. The metal/rock genre still stands strong amongst all the booty-shaking. As Beyonce sings of drunken promiscuity and Katy Perry prances on stage in a witch-like ceremony performance (Black Sabbath she is not), there will always be a place for the ‘Tallica family. The majority of the night seemed to consist of overly gimmicky performances from overrated pop acts and Taylor Swift trying to attract attention with her awkward dancing on the front row. Oh, and Pharell’s hat.

Over the 30 years of being together, Metallica have gained quite a reputation for going against the grain and doing whatever the hell they want. Why? Well, because they can really. Their collaboration with Lou Reed, their refusal to play their most successful album The Black Album in its entirety (and in order) and their phenomenal ‘S&M’ live album with the San Francisco Symphony, to name a few, has proven to fans and critics worldwide that they’ve developed quite a knack for picking the most unobvious aspects of music and making it work. At the 56th Grammy Award Ceremony they did just that.

images (2)

Eyebrows were raised and doubt began to cloud the minds of metal and classical music fans alike as Metallica announced they would be sharing the stage with the quirky Chinese pianist Lang Lang to perform Metallica’s ‘One’.

But Papa Hets and his ‘tallica brothers have never let us down before, and they definitely didn’t this time. As Hetfields gnarly voice powered over the celebrity-filled audience, Lang Lang provided a sensational performance as his fingers thrashed that piano with such power, it’s clear to see why he was chosen.

Black Sabbath took home ‘Best Rock/Metal Performance’ with their debut single ‘God Is Dead?’ from their 2013 album ‘13’. The competing nominees in that category consisted of Anthrax ‘T.N.T’, Dream Theatre ‘The Enemy Inside’, Killswitch Engage ‘In Due Time’, and Volbeat feat. King Diamond ‘Room 24’.


Sabbath’s latest album was also nominated for ‘Best Rock Album’ along with Queens Of The Stone Age ‘…Like Clockwork’, David Bowie ‘The Next Day’, Kings Of Leon ‘Mechanical Bull’ and Neil Young With Crazy Horse ‘Psychedelic Pill’. But the award was snatched up by Led Zeppelin’s ‘Celebration Day’.

Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl (of course) and Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham all shared the stage for the grand finale. However, this impressive guitar-thrashing line up was rudely and abruptly cut short as the show had already overrun by 45 minutes. When asked about the reasoning for this unfair dismissal, president of Recording Academy Neil Portnow claimed ‘we save the end slot for something that is a bit of a jam, because you can have the energy go and then it’s just a matter on the clock.’ Yet Beyonce’s booty gained full media attention and several mentions by hosts throughout the show. Which ever-so-slightly defeats the entire purpose of the Grammys Awards, don’t ya think?

This cut-off received many complaints, particularly from Nine Inch Nails’s lead singer Trent Reznor. Never one to hold back, Reznor took to twitter to vent his frustration.

‘Music’s biggest night…to be disrespected. A heartfelt F*CK YOU guys.’

His rage couldn’t have been helped by the fact they lost ‘Best Alternative Band’ to Vampire Weekend.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first tigme that Reznor has lashed out the Grammys. December 2011 Reznor was quoted to have said ‘Why don’t the Grammys matter? Because it feels rigged and cheap – like a popularity contest that the insiders club have decided.’

Overall, the Grammy’s night was a success for the heavier genres, reeling in some impressive and thoroughly deserved awards. With high expectations for 2014 albums and the beginnings of a rumour of a new Sabbath album, who’s to say 2015 nominations won’t be even better. Who knows, maybe even Pharrell will treat himself to a new hat.56th GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Albums Of The Week (27th January)

January is becoming a good month for new music! Check out some of the albums being released this week below;


The Gaslight Anthem – The B-Sides
January 28
Label: Side One Dummy
Download: Amazon

She Loves You
The ’59 Sound (Acoustic)
State of Love and Trust (Live)
Tumbling Dice
The Queen of Lower Chelsea (Acoustic)
Songs for Teenagers
Great Expectations (Acoustic)
Antonia Jane (Acoustic)
American Slang (Acoustic)
Boxer (Acoustic)
Once Upon a Time


You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth
January 27
Label: Prospect Park
Download: Amazon

You Me At Six’s 4th offering.

Too Young To Feel This Old
Lived A Lie
Fresh Start Fever
Forgive And Forget
Room To Breathe
Win Some, Lose Some
Cold Night
Hope For The Best
Love Me Like You Used To
Be Who You Are
Carpe Diem
Wild Ones
Champagne Wishes (Digital Bonus Track)



Within Temptation – Hydra
January 31
Label: Universal Music

Hydra” is the sixth studio album by Within Temptation.

Let Us Burn
Dangerous (feat Howard Jones)
And we Run
Paradise (What About Us?) (feat Tarja Turunen)
Edge of the World
Silver Moonlight
Covered by Roses
Dog Days
Tell Me Why
Whole World Is Watching

5 of the best UK mini-festivals

As we all know, summer is the time to pitch up a tent, drink some alcohol and watch some incredible bands at a festival with your friends. But unfortunately we all might not have the luxury of being able to spend over £200 on a ticket to Reading & Leeds, Download, or Sonisphere. But, throughout the UK there are hundreds of different music festivals every year that host fantastic bands and can be just as fun as the big name festivals. Check out our favourites.

1. Slam Dunk Festival (May)

Slam Dunk Festival began as a weekly alternative punk, emo and ska music night held at the Cockpit in Leeds. And today, Slam Dunk has expanded into a two day festival that has become known as Slam Dunk North (Leeds) and Slam Dunk South (Hertfordshire) featuring a mixture of up and coming and more established bands, based around punk, emo, metal and ska music genres, held on the May Bank holiday. The festival has featured the likes of Fall Out Boy, Paramore, You Me At Six, Fightstar, Twin Atlantic, Gallows and many more, and last year the festival was expanded to a three date festival featuring All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Deaf Havana, Kids In Glass Houses, Bury Tomorrow, Mallory Knox, The Skints and more. The festival being structured around a university provides a different feel to the usual field-based festival. The setting gives the festival a unique and intimate yet loud and bold atmosphere unmatched by another festival and with the audience ranging from 14+ to average university age the energy that comes from the crowd fuels the bands onstage to perform at their best and put on a great show. With tickets pricing starting at around £32 it really is great value for money.

2. Hit The Deck Festival (April)


Hit The Deck Festival takes place across four venues in Nottingham, (Rock City, The Rescue Rooms, Stealth and the Forum) and three venues in Bristol, (The Thekla, The Fleece and The Exchange). The festival has featured bands such as The Blackout, Cancer Bats, Young Guns, Kvelertak, While She Sleeps, Feed The Rhino and this Hit The Deck 2014 will be bringing Brand New, Saves The Day, Gnarwolves, The World Alive and more. The festival is advertised as ‘the UK’s premier indoor alternative festival’ and with such great indoor music venues this festival really is a full day of brilliant music where the crowds are very hot and sweaty by the end of the day. And with tickets from just over £20 the amount of great bands you can see is unbelievable.

3. Takedown Festival (March)


Takedown Festival is a one day festival that takes place in Southampton University and prides itself on championing up and coming music. The festival has a great mix of alternative music and has featured The Blackout, Skindred, Don Broco, We Are The Ocean, Canterbury, Bleed From Within and more. 2014 is Takedown’s third year and will be hosting Funeral For A Friend, Kids In Glass Houses, Heavens Basement, Jamie Lenman, Yashin and more. Tickets are just £30 and like every indoor festival show, the energy is always at a high and with the aftershow as an add on for over 18’s the atmosphere is a lot more party like with the crowd wanting to have a good time with great music, and with the amount of bands on show for one day it really is a long tiring day.

4. 2000 Trees Festival (July)


2000 Trees Festival is a 5,000 capacity music festival set in the rolling Cotswold Hills. 2000 Trees involves 2 nights of camping and over 80 of the absolute best new and underground acts from the worlds of rock and indie, with more established acts to close out the night. Previous bands that have played include Frank Turner, Twin Atlantic, Lower Than Atlantis, And So I Watch From Afar and more. The festival began in 2007 and has four stages and takes place in July. With the crowd being real fans of music, the atmosphere for 2000 trees is friendly and intimate. The raw passion for music takes over for two days where everyone has a good time and watches some amazing acts. With the festival being quite small, the intimate nature outdoors may take away from some of the energy.

5. Vans UK Warped Tour (November)


Vans UK Warped Tour takes place mid-November and 2012 was the return of the US Warped Tour back in the UK! Last year the line-up featured bands such as Enter Shikari, Rise Against, Parkway Drive, Billy Talent, Coheed & Cambria and many more. The atmosphere of Warped Tour is unlike any other… in the US it is known for being one of the hardest tours to play, and when you bring the tour to the UK for just two days, the atmosphere will always be undoubtedly incredible. With the addition of skateboarders and bmx shows and a fully packed two days of bands the UK Warped Tour is one of the best, and with conformation of Warped coming back to the UK for 2014, who knows how big it will be this year.


But, along with those, there are plenty of other brilliant festivals that put on a great line up of bands. But with current times, we need to support smaller festivals more than ever with the cancellation of festivals last year like Hevy and Merthyr Rock; it isn’t easy for smaller festivals to survive. But if they keep putting on brilliant line ups, and everyone keeps on going and making each year more and more special, the summer time for the UK will be a very fun time for all festival goers.

Will you be hitting up any of these fests this year? Let us know in the comments!