Fearless Vampire Killers album announcement!

fvkOur favourite goths in posh suits (and sometimes posh frocks) Fearless Vampire Killers, have released some juicy details of the follow-up to their 2012 release ‘Militia Of The Lost’.

Check out their statement from Facebook below; 


Dear Friends and Followers,

We want to start by thanking you for your continued support. Your messages, artwork and lovely faces at shows have not only kept us inspired but constantly reminded us why it’s so awesome to be in this band. You’ve all been super patient and for that we’re infinitely thankful but now we’re very pleased to say THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER…

Our second album is finally coming! It WILL be this year and it WILL be worth the wait. However in classic FVK style we’re going to bend the rules a little. We’ve been away busy building something for you all… It’s a place that every fan can be themselves and new people can meet. A home for all of you but also an outlet for excess creative juices that we keep expelling… hopefully a vehicle for all your limitless creativity too! Through this platform we’ll streaming the album in advance, just to our fans, track by track, week by week. Keep your eyes peeled and may all your hearts remain unbroken…

All our love

Kier, Laurence, Drew, Barrone and Luke

Fearless Vampire Killers