Fall Out Boy Reunion: THE LATEST. (EXCLUSIVE)


Since the news first broke on propertyofzack last week that there was a FOB reunion (and tour) in the works, and it had been CONFIRMED, we haven’t been able to stop ourselves constantly googling the band for more rumours.
So here’s the FULL AND LATEST roundup of what’s going on FOB-side. Including, an announcement, TODAY?!

Let’s not go into how many times a year we hear “FOB are getting back together!” from a tweet and all go mental; it’s too painful. But this time, it’s for real. I’m not just trying to convince myself, either. Zack Zarrillo broke the news first, and if you don’t believe him (which is happening…) here’s a comprehensive blog post of how he came about this news, so there.

MOVING ON. Here’s the latest compiled evidence that this is happening, and fast! (Ignore Joe Trohman)

  • Fall Out Boy look set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel, Feb 13th, as guests and performers. New info from here seems to suggest they will be playing a new track, and a classic.
  • Rahul Kukreja, who apparently has something to do with a Jakartan music festival called Rockaway, seems to have an in, and posted a few days ago that “Fall Out Boy are announcing something huge next week”. Hmm.
  • The Chicago Tribune had a chat with Pete Wentz at his bar on Saturday and he tried to be coy. But he’s in Chicago and that’s enough right?
  • FUN. did a tweet. Saying they had an announcement on Monday. About touring, presumably. Which could mean they are support. Or just a coincidence. But they are both on Fueled By Ramen!
  • Brian Diaz, FOB’s guitar tech, tweeted this: “off to ORD.  It’s been 3 years since we’ve all been in the same room together. Stoked to see friends”. Then tried to cover up his mistake by tweeting this:  “I don’t work for FOB. Haven’t for years. I Used to live in Chicago. Here visiting friends. Sorry :(” We’re smarter than we look, Diaz! We know you’re all together in Chicago!
  • No Country For Old Nashville posted a story yesterday saying a great number of things including:
  1. Kimmel is ON.
  2. FOB are PLAYING A SECRET SHOW IN NYC ON TUESDAY 5TH. No “time or location, hence the secret”. Ok.
  3. FOB apparently got together a few months ago to write and rehearse in LA. No word on recording though but it’s enough time to produce a few tracks surely.
  4. According to this site, there will “definitely be a tour” following the band’s reunion announcement. Cleverly, they’re saying it’s around the TTTYG 10 year anniversary date in May. Obviously.
  5. Here’s the best part: they can “exclusively confirm from sources close to the band, that Fall Out Boy are officially set to announce their comeback tomorrow, Monday, February 4. It could be midnight, morning, or during the day.”

TECHNICALLY, today is Monday, so we’re waiting with baited breath at HTS HQ. In the mean time, RT/reblog/share this post on Facebook and TELL EVERYONE.