Every Time I Die album coming this summer.

ETIDGood news for all you hardcore and punk kids out there, Every Time I Die are set to release their seventh   studio album on July 1st via major label Epitaph.

The band have been playing a new song off the album for a while now, notably last time they were on our side of the pond during the A Day To Remember tour back in February, and it sounded gnarly! The track is called ‘Thirst’  and is available to listen to on Spotify. 

The album artwork has also been revealed which you can see below accompanied by the albums tracklisting;

everytimeidiefromparts1. The Great Secret
2. Pelican Of The Desert
3. Decayin’ With The Boys
4. Overstayer
5. If There Is Room To Move, Things Move
6. Moor
7. Exometrium
8. Thirst
9. Old Light
10. All Structures Are Unstable
11. El Dorado
12. Idiot