Hundredth – Resist (EP) ★★★★☆

ResistSouth Carolina’s hardcore heroes Hundredth  have just released some of their finest work yet on new EP ‘Resist’.

With last years ‘Revolt’  EP being a lesson in brutality, ‘Resist’  is very much the Yin to it’s Yang. The band have dialled down the aggressive to focus on the message and have written six melody filled cuts of hardcore for our ears to feast upon. First proper track ‘Shelter’  is a mid-tempo song that opens this record and sets the tone of what is to follow.

With a few line up changes over the years their sound has definitely changed from the straight up ferocity that dominated a lot of their early material, adding melody and clean vocals steadily in breakthrough album ‘Let Go’.  First single ‘Demons’  is most likely the catchiest hardcore song to be released this year and the band have written a barn-stormingly good chorus with key lyric being, “My demons, they’re all around me, and they don’t come from hell, every single one of them, reminds me of myself”.  We got the chance to catch the band recently and they dropped this into their set to a raptourus reception. One of their finest tracks to date.

‘Manifest’  opens with a picked clean guitar riff that accompanies vocalist Chadwick Johnson’s   echoed-esque vocals for the opening section of this track. Again another mid-tempo song that by this point you can realise that the band have matured into growing songwriters, not just content with writing hard-hitting heavy hardcore. This song almost feels like it takes you on a journey, soaring on the wings of the guitar work and gliding towards a faded out, climatic ending.

This EP ends on a bit of a bum note really, final track ‘Wage’  is a spoken word piece with clean and slow building instrumentation. However saying this also states that the 5 piece are maturing and becoming the song writers/band they want to be. Hundredth have a promising future and one we are keen to keep tabs on, especially with the band being a relentless touring machine, we’re sure their die-hard fanbase is going to grow extensively.