EP: Natures – Natures ★★★★☆

NaturesIt’s always refreshing to see young bands play and create music that is thought provoking and mature, and thats exactly what Swindon based band Natures play. Their brand of melodic hardcore is different to a lot of other bands that have that genre base plastered onto them. It’s slower, at times atmospheric and coupled with the harsh vocals of Jake Packer, even has the sound of desperation.

Opening with ‘Everything Is Slow Again’, an instrumental track with feedback screaming out during a single guitar that slowly builds into the whole band, complete with 3 guitars bursts into life and sets an early tone for the rest of the EP. ‘No Sound, Just A Painting Behind Your Days’ comes next and doesn’t waste any time in letting the desperate and raw vocals take centre stage. It’s a track that will have you head bobbing along and is similar sounding to the now defunct The Elijah.

‘Passing’ works and demonstrates the quiet/loud dynamic that adds an air of tension and anticipation before it speeds up to move this track and their sound onwards to new and refreshing areas. The song builds and builds before reaching its epic climax. ‘Leaving’ is a mid tempo track that features guest vocals from fellow Swindonian Dan Edginton from The Cold Harbour. It’s a good touch from the band as it changes the style up briefly and shows that their friends and peers are willing to be involved in what they do and believe in it enough to put their name on it.

The guitar tones and production on this EP are outstanding and really highlight how the band write songs and what direction they wish to pursue. ‘Drowning’ is another slice of melody filled alternative hardcore which is then followed by a fuzz filled intro to interlude track ‘Keepsake’. 

Closing out the record is ‘Masquerade’ again another quiet/loud system working to full effect here with more emphasise and emotion being projected into the mix via the vocal delivery which sounds more pissed off here than on the other tracks. Pace and precision are placed perfectly to pick up your attention to lead to its final moments, just drums and vocals are left to close out the song with deafening and haunting lyrics, “I swear I’m a good man, but my time is almost up”. 

Overall this is a fantastic set of songs that showcase despair, maturity and a willingness to stand out from the crowd in a scene that is getting overcrowded with bands sounding far too similar and watered down. Natures are onto to something here and we very much look forward to whats in store for them.