EP: Elasea – Where I Belong ★★★★☆

Final IdeaArtist: Elasea

Album: Where I Belong

Release Date: 3/8/15

Label: Unsigned

Hungerford melodic rockers Elasea have been around for only a couple years but have achieved a lot in their short time, they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Idiom, Press to Meco and a little band you may have heard of called Funeral For A Friend. They’ve also become best friends with one of our new favourite bands All Ears Avow which has brought Andy, Liv, Jevon and Calum to our attention. If you’re wondering who Elasea are then you may know them previously as Highly Personal, the band changed their name as they felt it didn’t suit anymore. So without any further ado let’s hit play and get cracking.

‘Glass Heart’ wastes no time getting straight into the thick of it with a groovy rhythm and no nonsense vibe. Andy Bradford shows off his voice that suits the style of music the band play, and takes things up a notch when the contagious chorus comes hurtling into play. This track definitely has the feel of an opener with its straight forward structure and powerful performance. The title track ‘Where I Belong’ is next and the intro riff will stick with you long after you’ve finished this EP. Tempo changes and some superb drumming from Jevon Smith keep this song interesting and compliments the brighter shade this track has to offer, it’s more pop punk than melodic rock.

First single to be released is ‘Lost In The Dark’ and it’s simplistic style let’s the band show off a little more than meets the eye. Once again Andy’s vocals excel and allows for the more subtle and mellow instrumentation to come to the forefront to magnificent results. More of a ballad/soft song, and featuring guest vocals from Simon Jackman from WeCaughtTheCastle, and even Liv lends her delicate vocal delivery into the mix. Stunning. ‘Time Is Against Us’ though hits back with the heavier style of Elasea and continues to prove that this EP goes from strength to strength. A head bobbing beat and cohesive flow coupled with a more shouty vocal approach make for an intriguing and memorable few minutes. The clean and ambient melody comes into the fold to make for maximum effect. Closer ‘On The Line’ featuring Alex Gale of Paper Houses brings to life this acoustic number with a beautiful and almost show stealing performance. “Take me away, I’ve lost all faith, I’m just your fool, never felt this way” is a fragile and open lyric that will connect with a lot of listeners out there. From acoustic and clean guitar bliss to euphoric and emotive distortion the dials get turned up briefly to signal the departure and ending of the EP.

It may be straight forward at times and not life changing, but when a band can execute their style with such ease and gusto then it makes for a great listen. Bravo Elasea.