EP: Creeper – The Callous Heart ★★★★☆

C TCHArtist: Creeper

Album: The Callous Heart

Release Date: 18/9/15

Label: Roadrunner Records UK

There’s always a band that comes along and brings hype and anticipation to the scene every few years that actually follows through with it. Southampton’s Creeper are one of those bands. Social media has been exploding with praise for the goth punks all summer long with their tight and memorable performances across festival season, they’ve been the pick of the bill from the likes of Hevy Festival, 2000 Trees and even Download they went down a storm. But these performances and attention wouldn’t mean shit if the songs weren’t up to scratch, so now let us have a listen to the bands new EP The Callous Heart.

‘Black Cloud’ starts with a drone and subdued vocal delivery from Will Gould and then comes the infectious punk stylings that the band dole out so well. Will’s vocal melodies make this song pop and flourish even more over the top of some solid and straight forward instrumentation. The middle section of the song is a little more theatrical and slows the track right down which in hindsight makes the final chorus sound fresh. ‘Honeymoon Suite’ see’s drummer Dan Bratton inject some pace into proceedings that leads into one of the biggest choruses of the year that will no doubt be a hit in the bands live set. The song crescendo’s into a big bombastic finale but oh wait no it doesn’t, the chorus comes around again one more time for that feel good factor that it strikes up so well.

The opening riff of ‘Allergies’ sounds reminiscent of Dookie era Green Day which is a-okay with us. Key lyric “I’m allergic to you” brings about some terrific imagery and poetic beauty that will hang long in the mind with it’s contagious delivery and conviction. ‘Lie Awake’ has this massive crowd chant that sounds massive on CD and we’re sure it to be even bigger when the band roll it out on next months Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes tour. Will has a real way with lyric writing and manages to write lines that resonate and stick with the listener, like the closing line of “So sleep alone out of spite”. ‘Henley’s Ghost’ brings back the drone style vocal over piano and clean guitar led instrumentation, details of Bacardi & cola and walks home from the Guildhall paint a dark and lonesome image in your mind, and this may just be us but this conjures up a snowy scene during a dark walk home, the tone of the song fits with it so well. Hushed vocals and soft playing add to the theatrics and is a grand closer for an EP that will surely see Creeper hit the heights they were always destined to hit. Something is happening here, and we want to be a part of it.