EP: Blood Youth – Inside My Head ★★★★☆

BY IMHArtist: Blood Youth

Album: Inside My Head

Release Date: 22/06/15

Label: Rude Records

Since the surprise demise of Climates, with vocalist Wes Thompson being removed from the band, both parties have gone onto different projects. Wes joined tech melodic metallers Napoleon and the rest of the guys recruited Kaya Tarsus, formed Blood Youth and left everything Climates behind. Having played a handful of shows which included festival dates at Takedown and Download plus a UK jaunt with Polar, the guys have released what will be the start of the Blood Youth era.

‘Piece by Piece’ opens up and instantly you hear the pent up frustration the 5 piece have endured of late, there’s a more urgent and straight to the point attack on the riff front and Kaya’s vocals sound harsh and pissed off. The melody is still incorporated but more refined and isn’t at the forefront anymore, everything appears tighter and stronger. The songs chorus is undeniably irresistible and relatable. ‘Failure’ is a call to the masses sing-a-long and the repetitive nature of the songs key lyric really drives home the sentiment and despair felt through the performance. “Failure, I am nothing to no one, and I’ve been running for one day too long. Failure, having nothing but bad luck, we are living our life from the ground up.”

‘Cold Sweat’ is a heavy track and pummels your ears repeatedly with pit inducing riffs and head banging rhythms. Tempo changes add to the intensity in the music, sped up or slowed down it all makes this song flow along to it’s crushing climax. By now we feel that this is a much more thought out and stronger approach to songwriting from the Lincoln lads, even the production and mixing is miles better than any of the previous Climates releases. ‘Dead Space’ has a start stop punk energy to it in the beginning and becomes possibly the heaviest track on the record. “I’ll burn this house just to kill this disease, MOVE” sounds bone crushing and see’s Kaya at his worst in the best way. ‘Big Smoke’ has some beautiful lead guitar work that cruises into a fast paced verse section before the subtlety that has been non existent finally makes an appearance.

All in all this is a fantastic release and a breath of fresh air not just for Sam, Chris, Matt, Max and Kaya, but for the UK music scene as well. A well crafted and brutally executed piece of work from a band who look set to deliver against everything that has happened to them.