EP: Beyond Recall – The Mixtape ★★★★☆

BR TMArtist: Beyond Recall

Album: The Mixtape

Release Date: 31/08/15

Label: Unsigned

This EP has been 3 years in the making for Bristol boys Beyond Recall, a band who have been a bit stop start during those 3 years, a couple shows here, a new single there but nothing concrete or progressive. Until now. The Mixtape is the first step the band need to take to really get their career off the ground, the band are set to tour the UK this week (we’ll post dates at the bottom) to celebrate this release and kick start the cycle with a bang. Let’s hit play and get into it.

‘Start Game’ starts off with an interesting synth arrangement before the meat n’ potatoes metalcore riffage comes through. “Dear people who make our dreams come true, this one’s for you” is an ode to all the faithful who have stuck with the band over the past few years and grabs your attention by the scruff of the neck. ‘Haters’ kicks off with an epic and raw scream from vocalist Zaid Elgahmi that is a-okay with us. More of that please. Obviously taken the songs title you can guess what the lyrical content is all about on this track. A chunky and catchy chorus rolls into play and breaks up the breakdowns perfectly before crushing back into the chaotic dynamic that band do so well.

‘Almost’ bounces into life leading into a more spoken style of delivery from Zaid, sounding like it would be delivered through a megaphone as a Public Service Announcment. The chug and beatdown style of play gets a little tiresome and uninspired by this point but once again they pull your interest back in with another corker of a chorus. ‘Long Live Liberation (Mixtape Edition)’ beats the shit out of your speakers and includes a spine tingling yell of “Freedom!”. An audio mentioning Colonel Gaddafi features and is perhaps a look into the opinions and social politics behind some of the bands members. This record has just taken an unexpected and serious turn, for the better as the song is blasted out and Zaid’s vocals are bristling with hate and laced in venom. ‘Up Up!’ closes things out in party fashion and similarities of Asking Alexandria spring to mind when they let loose. The songs title refrain is shouted out during the chorus and will surely get punters off their feet at the mere mention of it at the bands gigs. This is a solid return from a band who have been far too quiet for far too long. Now how about those tour dates?

September 2nd – Bristol – The Exchange

September 3rd – London – Surya

September 4th – Birmingham – Unplug

September 5th – Manchester – Factory 251

September 6th – Edinburgh – The Mash House

October 14th – Plymouth – The Underground w/ Eskimo Callboy