Elliot Minor Interview!

imageWe caught up with the sweet little dudes in Elliot Minor (Dan and Ali to be exact!) ahead of their 3 #EMonemoretime shows in London this weekend (the Sunday show isn’t sold out yet, go go go!) to ask them the why’s, how’s and what’s of the 3 sure-to-be-spectacular shows.

HTS: Hi guys! It’s been a fair few years since you guys last played together; why regroup now?

Why not! We’ve all stayed friends and since we’ve moved to London we’ve all got involved in different projects / parts of the music industry, watching bands live every day has really made us miss touring so we figured we’d get back together for one more show! We never expected it to turn into 3… the response has been crazy! We really didn’t have a strategy or game plan in mind, we just missed the gigs, and saw there was still a huge buzz for us out there!

HTS: The 3 gigs are being called #EMonemoretime, is there really no chance of any new music/tours in the future?

We really wouldn’t know; when we stopped touring in 2010 I never imagined we’d be getting back together for more gigs… right now these shows are #EMonemoretime but you never know, we could surprise ourselves in the future again! All the guys are heavily involved in different careers now but if the buzz is always there, we’ll always be around!

HTS: The first 2 shows sold out so quickly, were you expecting your fans to react so well to the reunion?
I know, nuts right?! We weren’t expecting that response at all, it was unreal! Luckily we’re tight with the venues in London so were able to just book a second and third night within about 30 minutes of the first selling out, that really was not planned though! We knew there was still a buzz out there judging from our social pages, but again… no way did we expect that! Fans are even flying over from the States and Japan which is nuts.

HTS: How has it been getting back together to rehearse? Just like the old days?

Ish… the first couple of rehearsals were fairly ropey but it’s all been pulled together, I might even go as far as to say we sound better than ever!

HTS: The supports competition was a nice touch! Where did that idea come from? And are you happy with the choices?

My little brain! We did have in mind a few friends bands we wanted to put on, but we were getting a load of enquiries from bands around the UK wanting to support, so we figured we’d give them all a chance and let fans decide! The outcome is awesome, Amaryllis, Hill Valley High, All At Sea, and Fake Obsession are all awesome!

HTS: You’ve been asking fans to suggest songs for the setlist, what are the faves so far?

It’s really a mixture to be honest! A load of first album requests and a load of second, we have our favourites as well so we’re going to conjure up a decent set list. We’ll probably just keep playing until the venue cuts us off!

HTS: Any plans to do some behind the scenes videos for YouTube, akin to your old infamous clips? (including our personal favourite, the prank calls)

We were thinking about this… working on it! We might film a load of stuff ourselves or get a camera chap down to the venue, at least from our personal point of view, it’d be great to have something to remember them by! I even watch our previous videos now and again…

HTS: What are you all most looking forward to about the shows?

Every damn second of it! Seriously, all of it.
HTS: Can we expect any surprises? Although if we expected them I guess they wouldn’t be surprises…

Well we’re not magicians but we do hope the fans love the shows as much as we love playing them! There’s going to be a crazy nostalgic vibe in Camden this weekend, we can’t wait!

So there you have it! Catch Elliot Minor TONIGHT at Camden Underworld (if you have tickets), and check them out here at elliotminor.com