Elliot Minor – #EMonemoretime – JUMBO REVIEW


Elliot Minor - 30/03/14

It’s been almost 4 years (December 2010 to be exact) since Elliot Minor last played together live, and the buzz surrounding their #EMonemoretime shows has been nothing less than insanity. Even they were excited (check out our interview the boys pre-gigs HERE)! The first show at Camden Underworld sold out in under a minute, the second show just as quickly. Support acts were landed and special merch released, and a third and final show at Islington Academy was booked.
EM’s fans (both new and old) could not wait for the magic that was about to unfold from everyone’s favourite fantasy rockers, and they were right to feel that way. #EMonemoretime was a weekend to not only discover new music, but to grip tightly onto nostalgia and never let go. And if there was ever a time to relive the heady days of 2007’s musical highlights; this was it. Join us as we describe every titbit of juicy electric-violined madness…

FRIDAY – Elliot Minor @ Camden Underworld 28/3/14 ★★★☆☆

SATURDAY – Elliot Minor @ Camden Underworld 29/3/14 ★★★

SUNDAY – Elliot Minor @ Islington O2 Academy 30/3/14 ★★★★★