Echo Park – Deluge (EP) ★★★★☆

Echo Park - Deluge
Surrey-based Echo Park release their debut EP “Deluge” for your ears’ pleasure. The 4 track EP travels from crisp exhilarations, through mellow raptures, and to euphoric heights. And we won’t lie to you; it’s been on repeat since we got it.

First track ‘Circles’ kicks you in the face with it’s infectious KIGH-esque choruses, lyrics with substance, and melodies with even greater substance.

‘This Life’ carries you on a journey of spine-tingling elegance, gentle gravel-toned vocals, and meteoric swells.

‘Shadow Days’ boasts some winning lyrics; “even if it kills me in the end, it’s better than another single day, in this hell”, amidst impressive vocals and agile riffs, to create a Foo Fighters-like semi-ballad.

The opening of EP closer ‘Miles’ is simply beautiful. Darker and deeper than the other tracks, it’s a 4 minute triumph; the components of the song running seamlessly into each other, each more unwaveringly tremendous than the last.

Echo Park are worth their weight in gold. Their EP; genre-defying, their sound; amazing. One word to describe this EP? Memorable.

You can listen to the EP here: buy it for only £3 (we strongly urge you to do so…)

Previously the band released their debut single ‘Circles’ which features on the EP, check out the video below: