Don Broco – You Wanna Know (Single) ★★★☆☆


It’s pretty hard to make a track that is such a departure from your usual style, while still maintaining your tried and tested sound; but that’s just how Don Broco like to do things. Opening with a searing distorted synth, it bangs and clatters its way into a rock-rhythm pop-aspect melting pot, being pushed along by singer Rob Damiani ‘s quintessential comforting British vocals. Fresh from last year’s successes in the rock charts and their Kerrang! Award nomination, Don Broco are well and truly back. Damiani says of the new track; “It’s the first music we’ve written since finishing off our debut album almost 2 years ago now, so safe to say we’re very excited about getting it out and playing the new song at our shows.”

‘You Wanna Know’ is released October 13th

Check out the song below;


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