Deaf Havana – Old Souls ★★★★☆

13065Thank Havana they are back (we’re aware of how bad that pun is. We regret nothing!) and the Norfolk band have smashed our expectations all over again with their amazing third album. Alt rock boys Deaf Havana challenge expectations with ‘Old Souls’, walking their musical direction to the road marked “awesome”.

‘Old Souls’ is an incredible specimen of alternative rock music at its best, the album really shows why they were chosen to support the legend that is Bruce Springsteen at Hard Rock Calling in London earlier this year.

Opening with their leading single, ‘Boston Square’, full of catchy drum beats accompanied by the incredible raw talent that is James Veck-Gilodi; this song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head for all the right reasons.

Other stand out tracks include ‘Everybody’s Dancing’ and ‘I Want To Die’; with a more chirpier tone but just as addictive to listen to, this song is guaranteed to coax screams from even the most reserved of gig-goers.

Now the hidden gem of this album is not a particularly fast song… oh no, it is the beautifully, much more stripped back ‘Caro Padre’. ‘Old Souls’ is full of epic passion and bubbling over with emotion, bringing an incredible story to life. You would be stupid to pass up a listen to this album.